Prophetic Word for 2020

A few nights ago, I awoke from some attacking, tough dreams...

A few nights ago, I awoke from some attacking, tough dreams with a weight on my mind and spirit that was heavy and oppressive. As I sat up in bed, I saw a brilliant, warm orange hue emanating from the doorway.  I saw the Lord enter the room. He was exuberant and appeared like He did in Joshua 5 when He said, “I am the Captain of the Host, Listen to Me."

The weights of demonic oppression I had been experiencing lifted their hold on me instantly. He stretched out His hand to me and said, “Do you want to dance?” We started dancing together, gliding across the room, and laughing with how much fun and joy we were having together. After we danced, He took me by the hand, and we started talking.


The Lord said, “Do you remember it was a night like this night when we first met? The snow was the same and the beauty was the same… everything was fresh and new. It was on that first night that I introduced you to my presence and opened the first chamber door.  I was inviting you into my sweet love.

This first chamber door was what I call the First View… the experience from Song of Solomon 3 & 4 where first love is awakened. This is such a tender and beautiful place to be – like the womb where the baby is safe and warm and hidden in a protective bubble and not yet exposed to the world.

This first view, as beautiful and sweet an experience as it may be is also an undeveloped and immature love in certain ways. It is shallow and subject to the influences of human nature and the whims of moods and emotions. It is human love. Yet it feels so safe, warm, and comforting… the place where Jesus nurtures our heart and spirit to grow strong and secure.  The Lord continued, "Do you remember when I invited you into this place?”

I felt consumed by the warmth of the memories from that first night when I encountered His spirit and love for the first time and how I died and came alive in you. I died to an entire world of a demonic kingdom that was oppressing me. I remembered how He had called it the first death, and how He said I would experience several deaths and raptures throughout my life with Him.


I remembered how I felt after that first encounter and how I thought it couldn’t get any better, but then The Lord began to remind me of the second encounter with Him when He opened up the Second Chamber door and He began to tell me the story of that time we had together.

The Lord said, “Then we met again like that on a second night, and it was on that second night that the second chamber door opened up. This was the invitation into my Deep, Unshakable Love where you moved from the Acts 1:8 place to the Acts 8:1 place – leaving the comfort of the womb and moving out to reach other communities and marketplaces. This was your call out of the Upper Room – the time to be launched into the deeper realms of my Love and to be a vessel of change and action to the world around you.

This Second Chamber Door was the Song of Solomon Encounter, where you were called out to the city, but were faced with challenges and demonic influences that tried to take you out. You had to learn how to battle and endure hardships; you were tested by the enemy and fought through your worship to come out with an unshakable foundation. There is so much beauty in this second chamber and incredible growth, but it was also difficult to not get stuck in that place, or at least to not feel like you were tainted by these difficulties you experienced as you pursued more of my presence in your life.”

The Lord and I sat together and reflected on the depth and beauty of those times… the unique, deep, rich, unbelievable, intimacy that had gripped me and caused me to die to a demonic world that had been oppressing me and come alive to His Love and Presence. There was a special, unique, deep love we had experienced together in those times.


A Progression of Love, Where You Will Never Be the Same

Then Jesus said to me, “Tonight is the same and I am going to be opening up the third chamber door where experience the third view… the third love. This love is not just sweet, not just deep, it is an incredibly powerful force that is beyond anything you have experienced. This is a view of love where you can only see through the lens of Hope, and it is a Hope that believes all things.

You have seen some glimpses of this third view, but I have told you for many years that the year 2020 would be the year that I would really open this up to you. This is the year that the world gets to know who they are according to this Third View. This view is the one that is above the clouds – the most radiant, free view of yourself, other people, cities and nations… where the reality of my love is all you see and all you experience. That is my invitation in this year of 2020. The opening up of the Third chamber door where your reality is transformed – your eyes are changed and opened to only to see Me in everything around you and to see the world through the lens of HOPE in every setting and circumstance.”

I was consumed in the endless depths of His incredible love and was basking in the glowing orange hue that was emanating from Him. I felt no pain in my body and I was elevated above the clouds to this most radiant, free view… a land where promises are fulfilled, dreams are real, and it's place that we're never to leave.

Suddenly the Lord reminded me of my Dad and how he had lived with this third view all his life. There were so many stories and times where my dad lived this out, especially in how he cared for my bedridden mother. He loved her through every difficult moment and never gave up on her, never stopped speaking out the best in her, and caring for her.

I couldn’t help but start to think why my dad didn’t tell us about this third view. Why didn’t he proclaim it out and tell others of this wondrous viewpoint and experience? I felt confused as to why he did not share that.

Suddenly my Dad entered the room and he knew what my thoughts had been about him. I looked at him and I said, “Dad, why didn't you tell us? You saw something and you didn't tell us? You talked about play and learn and a beautiful, hopeful life, but you didn't really tell us everything you saw.”

My dad just smiled and said “That's what you're here for son. Don’t put that off on me” and he smiled and laughed with such playfulness. He said, “I told you that you are a great man and that you had a great purpose, and this is your purpose. You are the one who is to tell these stories and tell of the third view.”

I felt I had made too many mistakes in my life to be the one to write of this, and then my dad said, “So what? It is where you are now and the view you have now” My dad and The Lord would not listen as I talked about all my mistakes. They told me; “It is time to move on from the past”.


As my Dad walked out of the room, he said, “By the way, smash that clay pot”. The clay pot was the view of myself that was not presently needed. He said, “You got to see what is inside for this next season, and it is full of hope”

The Lord took me into the vision of the Clay Pots where He had shown me a beautiful clay pot that had been sitting on a stool surrounded by church leaders. On the side of the pot it said Isaiah 43:18-19 – “Forget the former things; do not dwell on the past. See I am doing a new thing! Now it springs up; do you not perceive it? I am making a way in the wilderness and streams in the wasteland”

In the vision there was discourse and arguing as a group of church leaders surrounded this beautiful clay pot. There were 3 different kinds of groups that all had a different viewpoint of the clay pot. Some wanted to destroy it, others wanted to preserve it, and the third didn’t care one way or the other.

Then, somebody, while they were arguing, came and kicked the pot and one of the handles broke off. Then someone else kicked it again and the other handle broke off. It all meant something. Somebody kicked it another time. It was almost like they were going to kill each other. Then, somebody came and wiped it off the stool. It shattered on the ground. Nobody moved. It was Jesus.

He said, “My house is a House of Prayer. My house is a house of intimacy with you. It’s not your clay pot.”

He was referring to the church, and the clay pot represented the ways the church had tried to contain Him and His spirit and how they had let their viewpoints box Him in and put Him up in an unreachable, fragile place. It did not represent the Truth of His Spirit, the Truth of Who He was, and how He wanted to be experienced and seen.

The Lord said to me, “I have a whole new perspective and reality and it is the fulfillment of the new expression and understanding of Christianity. We have to smash this pot, like your Dad told you. There is a new order I am bringing. It is time to step into a new door. This clay pot represents the ways of the old season, and it is time for a new birth and a new identity. This is the scene of the second reformation that is going to show you not only the way of getting saved, but the way to live through Hope because it is going to give you the lens of Hope from the INSIDE first. Once you are able to see inwardly through Hope, everything you see outwardly will also be seen through hope and it will overflow out of you and touch the lives of so many as the experience themselves seeing through this third viewpoint. They will be lit up from the inside and it is the most wondrous and beautiful thing.”

The Lord then showed me a beautiful cross with six blue diamonds.  These represented 6 of the rooms of the Yellow House. They also represented the ways He was going to reveal Himself in 2020. He was not accepting any ministry emphasis but that which adored Him and looked to Him as Everything. Whenever someone would look at this cross, they would instantly be accepted. They would have a whole new perspective and reality. This is what He is opening up in 2020.


The Lord led us up to a tall building and there were people as far as the eye could see. They were getting ready to look at this telescope that looked over all the earth. You could see everything with so much detail. People would go to look through the telescope, but they would be blinded by the most beautiful light.

The Lord said, “They were saved as though by fire and the fire is burning off the hindrances and baggage that was drawing the life out of them”


This fire was a fire that finally set them free from all the bondages and leeches that held onto them and tried to make them something they were not. Honestly, that could never really happen. It was just filters’ and prisms of dimensions of attitudes and colors that were not who they were. They were being released from the baggage that was hanging off of them and they were being set free. I saw many saved by fire this year where the wrong things would burn off of them and the simplicity of devotion, the simplicity of who He is and then who He is to them came forth above everything else.


The Lord Took Off the old ‘Coke Bottle Glasses' and put on New Glasses and people could see through the lens of the God of the 5th Scene. I got to help people walk up to what looked like a large telescope on the top of the tallest building and they would see it and they'd see. They'd say; “Something is up, Something is beautiful, Something is real and radiant”, and it was all that they saw with their eyes continually. They said; “It's just better than I could ever imagine!”

This is what would be the only thing that would drive them on the rest of their lives – The View of Him in the cities and nations of the world.

New Eyeglasses, Hearing-Aids, Body-Armor, and the Symphony of Hope

God showed me this journey that took us to the place where we're at now. The place where He gave us new seeing eye glasses, New Hearing aids, New body armor, and He gave us the weapons to protect us and allowed us to be ‘Fixed Adoration Pillars of Him’.

He showed me, again, the world is a symphony and each person had an aroma that was from Him and that aroma, that essence, that beauty in them, was beyond wondrous and it was easily protected by Him. It was a stronghold. It was a place that no one could get in… a place under His wings. It was a place where there was such security and safety. It was a place of the essence of the human being that He designed. He would have His original design through human beings. He was able to have that happen because it was Him who created them.


In this vision He gave each person a unique place in the symphony and each city, each nation, the world was so small, it was the only thing their eyes could see – the view that He had from the fifth scene and it valued everybody.

The people that walked up walked up like Sightseers and they walked away as sojourners, as totally committed ones. They didn't realize what they'd see. They didn't realize how they would be provoked. They didn't realize how they'd be consumed. They didn't realize how all the other thoughts that had been less than thoughts and feelings and emotions that had tried so hard to take them down were destroyed when they were left behind and they were saved so though by fire.


People were given their true essence and they were able to see through their true essence. It's not that everybody saw the exact same things. They saw with this lens that allowed them to see with appreciation, what others saw and attune to it. They were able to see their part so clearly that they were able to be reminded of the divine memories and be brought into that place of seeing Him.

The Lord Said, “They're able to see me and see who I been and who I was to them. They were able to see their original essence from me. I have the world right now like the great Christmas story where I'm visiting people across the planet and I'm opening up this present of this visitation time with me. That is beyond what they've ever gotten to experience. That's what I've longed to experience with them. That’s what I'm experiencing here with you now. It's the place in the stronghold of hope where the hopeless thoughts about yourself, about others, about the past are gone. Your steadfast in seeing Me and you're conquering from this place of seeing Me because there's nothing but victory in this place. I will then have you and others that are seers and proclaimers to continually (as I had told your dad), “Television”, tell-the-vision that I give you. Tell the memory and tell the story”


The next 90 days are “Days of Encounter.”  Ask God to show you, who He is, and His View.  Then try to adopt it as your own.  Let it replace everything you have ever seen or heard, as you stare into His hopeful face and meditate on His hope for His world.

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