10 Things I am Thankful for

The Best 10 Thanksgiving Items that Have Ever Been Spoken

1.     Thanksgiving for Trade Secrets about God - Every year there has been a greater discovery of Him, and it is because of Him. (Thank you Mark) - He told me 4 years ago in a dream that I was about the enter into a season where it was the second time I wouldn’t look to Him; but He would do Micah 7:18 – Passionately pursue me even though I was doubting Him in some ways. He was so kind to unfold a healed and expanded view of Him. He especially brought me through a door to the forgotten face of the God of comfort (Come-forth Psalm 73:26)

a.     Examples:

                                              i.     Freedom

                                            ii.     Yellow House

                                           iii.     Relationships

                                           iv.     New Operating System

2.     He Tenderly Taught me how to fly again – There was a time when I was unable to get offended at others or at events. I lost sight of that and reacted out of hurt. He met me in pain where an arrow had pierced my heart and the enemy could not tweak the pain but reach in trigger that pain in me by touching that open wound. Jesus showed me the garden of my heart and that place where the barren spot was in the middle of my garden. He had me plant seeds of the love flower – roses – and a harvest came from that deep place that had been pierced with His sovereign light of love, and it has begun to bring me into a love more than I could ever understand. I can now place those flowers on any painful situation, and it brings forth a greater love.

3.     I am thankful for the release from a mega mentality -  bigger isn’t better and more activity the goal. I have time to stop and see a world of beauty and have a deep, undistracted relationship with those that I have no purpose with but to love. I realize if I didn’t do this with Jesus or the key ones He gave me, I would never really have something to offer all the others.

4.     I am thankful for people’s understanding – I was always available to many and would feel a lot of pain in the past when I did not have the energy or health to answer; or when I would answer, it would be with fragmented thoughts because I did not rightfully understand my boundaries in Him. Thank you for forgiving me and believing the best. I am spending time sharpening the saw, as Jesus said in 2nd Corinthians 7:3 (simple devotion)

5.     I am thankful to God that He is bringing my appreciative memories back – it seems in vogue to criticize or cancel others with very little facts and God has now put me in a place where I remember and appreciate our journey.

6.     I am thankful for the last few years where I have only been able to see a big wall when I thought about the future - God has given me a vision of life, love and the future and has brought down that wall so I can advance in the fullness of who Bob is to be in the fulness of others in the days to come. The lesson has been learned to maintain the journey of the Yellow House and bringing forth Kings and Queens of hope.

7.     I am thankful for the marvelous comrades that The Lord has identified - They are the ones that are loyal and do not judge you by a chapter of a book. They are affectionate; they delight in you all the time and love to be with you, and they sing the song in your heart when you have forgotten the tune. They keep you young.

8.     I am thankful for the prophetic heart gift that is continually opening up in the midst of everyday life. Whether at the gym, grocery store, or QuikTrip at 3am. Some people of notoriety are coming to my house in a hidden way and have been able to talk about their questions, doubts and fears. I feel so grateful that I get to, with a few friends, unlock a new story to them of who Jesus is in the midst of their situation. It feels like my mentors and father in the spirit, Bob Jones.

9.     I am so beyond thankful for the hope staff - although they think they are all smarter than me, they are really talented and they have the humility to learn new things, so it won’t be long until I will be completely free to love and go through the Yellow House Journey and spend time on love and my relationships.

10.  I am MOST thankful with God showing His face in comfort that has spread to my family - my son, where it expands my heart. He has deeply loved me and I deeply love him. I am blown away by his heart.

a.     To AmyAnn, Blake and Gia: They are so advanced and know how to live and love in the present. They are doing what they desire and are successful beyond belief.

b.     To Tay & Derek: She will always know and he will, the unique place that she has in my heart. She is my favorite and joy. She has always made my heart very happy and kept me from my own heaviness.

c.     To my Bethany: You have such a caring heart as you nursed for those who had COVID, and although we have been a little distant, there seems to be melting of the barriers and a hope that will be fulfilled to see her and hold her.

11.  One more thing I am thankful for is flying Hippopotamus and our great nation!


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