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This is a joyful, tender, beautiful place, not a somber place. In the Comfort Room, you are taught what the true definition of grief is according to God, and how to perceive grief and deal with it.  You will see Jesus and His Face of Empathy so you can also empathize with others in grief and grow in compassion towards yourself, God, and others.

For years, the Lord told me that I needed to go through the Comfort Room and deal with my grief.   Jesus told me that the most painful emotions will come out but they will be made into the sweetest place of hope in this room.

"Tears may flow in the night, but joy comes in the morning." - Psalm 30:5

Dreams can be stolen because of the inability to deal with grief. Jesus showed me that the grief I was experiencing was because my family had fallen apart.  I thought that Jesus was calling me to carry this grief, but Jesus called me to Him and said, “I am so so sorry.”  He had a deep desire to draw me near to him and hold me and comfort me.  Then the scene changed and all the darkness imploded and He was celebrating and laughing. That is when I realized that we have to Sorrow with Hope because God is so much greater.

"He told us about your longing for me, your deep sorrow, your ardent concern for me, so that my joy was greater than ever... See what this godly sorrow has produced in you: what earnestness, what eagerness to clear yourselves, what indignation, what alarm, what longing, what concern, what readiness to see justice done." - 2 Cor 7:6, 11

Later that same night the Lord showed me this beautiful experience of Him carrying my grief and He asked me why I didn’t believe in Him to walk me through this. It was because I was afraid that I would become stuck in my grief and sorrow.  Jesus kept saying, “Aren’t I the Better than God? Don’t I help you Sorrow with Hope?” and He kept reminding me of times where He had comforted me in my grief and given me hope. I had felt so much shame and pain and felt like what I was experiencing was a whole other level of grief, and I didn’t feel that He or I were able to handle it.

This went on for about three weeks and there was a point where I surrendered and the Lord gave me a dream where He told me that I had to deal with my grief for the sake of my children because if I didn’t get free from grief, they would never be free from grief.  I could not move into hope and be a reformer if I did not  deal with grief in a healthy way.  Jesus told me, "This is not an option; it has to be dealt with.”

Grief is identifying with how God feels for you and others. God said to never take on anyone else's sadness or grief in a wrong way. Asking God how He is feeling towards people in their pain enables you to identify with God in the right way towards people. You get set free when you really have the right perspective on grief.

"Consider Him who endured such hostility from sinners, so that you will not grow weary and lose heart." - Hebrews 12:3

It is very important that we continue to stay focused on hearing God from a perspective full of hope--that we take the lessons from the previous Room into this one.  We will then advance in the midst of grief and adversity with hope and new miracles! Everyone’s hearts will be enlarged in the Comfort Room through Hope Hearing.

Hope hearing ensures we won't get stuck in dark emotions or grief.  It gets us to deal with grief well, which is the key to being resilient and having Post-Traumatic GROWTH instead of stress. Dealing with grief makes you anti-fragile, and compassionate. In the Comfort Room you receive comfort to deal with trauma, loss, and your past.  You will also empathize with others' emotions but not wrongly take on the burdens of their pain.

Allow the God of Comfort to comfort you!  Learn how to grieve with Him in healthy ways. In this room, you will not deny or suppress, nor will you get stuck in pain.  You will learn how to Sorrow with Hope and how to keep your eyes on God even in the hardest of times.  Jesus will help you hear with ears of Hope while in the midst of adversity.  Satan uses grief to turn you away from devotion, but the reason for grief is to consider Jesus even more.

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Corner 1
Grief Over What You've Been Through
“I thought the first corner would be dealing with all the pains I had caused others and the I saw Him kneeling down and praying. He looks at me and says I'm so so sorry”

and he said it a few times - it stunned me. He was looking right through me, eyes welling with tears and He said He was so sorry for the things I had gone through. I was undone - melted in His arms.” Bob about the first corner.

 Jesus is seeing us in our most tender and wounded places. He is not asking us to get over it, but He grief with us. His compassion is so deep and it is healing us, melting our hearts. Grief is a generous release of an individual experience to His faithfulness 

Bob: I gave 300,000 to people I thought were going to use it for ministry. They ended up not using it for that. They instead stole the money. These were ones I trusted. There was this sense of betrayal. I thought, this is not fair. I felt the pain and loss of the 300,000 and being taken advantage of. He said that it’s a peripheral issue on the outside of the kingdom. The sovereign king will have His sovereign will. It walled off my negative emotions and brought forth his grace and hope where he starts working on it. The bigger picture of how big he is and how he was going to take care of everything. He showed me the fears the people were in and how to see that. He identified with feeling forgotten. He took me to the corner where Jesus has wept over everything you have gone through, more than you have.  You’ve got forgotten.

Grief is a gift of understanding and insight from God’s view of the inexplicable pains that come from life, with life from our journey. Without the great gift of grief, we become fragmented. We become fractured and our lives fall into many pieces because we are not able to reconcile with who God is in this inexplicable pain. So we end up with fragmented expressions of who we are versus the inner wholeness that enables us to stay true to our original extraordinary design. “Weeping may remain for a night, but rejoicing comes in the morning” (Psalm 30:5). There is an end to mourning. Grief has its purpose, but it also has its limit. Through it all, God is so faithful. He comforts us.

Corner 2
Grief Over The Pain You've Caused Others

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Corner 3
Grief Over Disappointing God

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Corner 4
Grief Over Not Asking For God's Heart Again

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