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the Attunement Room

Previously we were in the "I Love You" Room where we became secure in Jesus' love for us.  Now He moves us into the Attunement Room where we can respond and adjust to God and others.  God adjusting us is like our adjusting a sound board or mixing board.  With each little adjustment of the knobs, newer, more quality sound comes out.  Sometimes the melody comes out stronger, sometimes the bass or treble.  When the mixing is done well, the song bursts forth with beauty.

God does this fine tuning in the Attunement Room.  He is gentle and has gentle fingers.  He knows what needs adjusting so that we will be in tune with Him, with others, with ourselves, and with the moment.  We have been in the Be You Room and I Love You Room where Jesus ministers to our own souls and refreshes them.  Without our own need for love screaming in our head, our own rhythms come into peace and we can hear the songs and rhythms of others.

"This is my prayer: that your love may abound more and more in knowledge and depth of insight…" - Philippians 1:9

Let our love grow, deepen, expand, and become discerning!

Part of the fine tuning that comes into play is related to our pasts, and how we've been playing our own instrument or singing our own song. Jesus teaches us relational skills that are healthy and get us unstuck. The first step is experiencing someone attune to us, which God does to model love to us.  Jesus was comfortable with every class of people, and He always meets us exactly where we are at. He adjusts our wavelengths and fine tunes us so we sing and play in perfect harmony with Him. Then we can show others love by attuning to them and bringing them into alignment.  When this happens, God's great Symphony of Hope can break through on the earth!


I have had repeated dreams about Hope Reformers who would change their cities and nations. In one, a Narrator walked me into a banqueting hall and showed me 300 teachers of Reformers. They each had a specific part, a piece of the puzzle, or advanced tool to feed the people with. Not any of them had it all!  They needed each other.

As people were being sat at the different tables, the Narrator began to explain to me who was being called into the Banqueting Hall and which lessons they were to learn.  He spoke of who was being called, what classrooms they were to go into, what some of the lessons were, and the present invitation to be National Reformers. All had a place in rebuilding the walls and God’s original intent for cities and nations. He wanted to give them different tools in in different classrooms so they could be like Joseph or Daniel, who pressed into the nearness of God and used the beautiful gift within them to prosper and change societies in Him.

Then the Narrator said, "These are those from Daniel 12:3, great and small and will light up the way for others who will not seek after their own personal grandeur, or world’s definition of success. But they are the Reformers who will grow in love for God and others. And the compartments of their hearts will become large as they unlock their true worship and hope prayer and their identity in God as National Reformers.”

"Then the wise will shine like the brightness of the heavens, and those who lead many to righteousness, like the stars forever and ever." - Daniel 12:3

In the Attunement Room, we join Jesus in the banqueting hall and let Him feed our hearts the right way  right way so that the compartments of our hearts will reopen to trust, joy and hope.  We say yes to being ones who will bring the "Symphony of Nations" together, to bringing forth the true heart of God that has been lonely in different arenas of the nation and not loved well. We can bring the Grand Symphony of Love for Him in our nations which will culminate in a New Constitution:  His Heart being invited into a nation.

Let us start the great process of attunement, and that great alignment which will make the melody burst forth!

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Corner 1
Attuning To God

Corner 1 | Attuning To God

Here is where we get "in tune with God" or attuned to His presence. This opens up the pathway of hearing His Voice. You experience deep intimacy with Jesus and become sensitive to where He is around you, what He's doing, what He's calling you to. You don't miss Him in your day. You gain a new awareness of Holy Spirit, learning to let Holy Spirit guide your paths.

Mary of Bethany is an example of someone attuned to God. She responded in the moment to the Holy Spirit and what He was doing when she poured the oil over Jesus. (Mark 14:3-19, John 12:1-8).  At the time, some thought this ridiculous.  They missed what God was saying and doing.  They scolded her for pouring out such an expensive jar of oil, saying it was wasteful and would have gone to better use if it was sold and the money was given to the poor.

Jesus came to her defense and told them to leave her alone.  Mary was the only one who had attuned to the fact that Jesus would be dead soon.  She was acting prophetically, even if she didn't know it.  She saw the perfection and purpose, and her devotion to Him was worth more than the oil. And Jesus honored her sacrifice, love and devotion for Him.

Practical Application

Write down experiences when you felt “in-tune” with God.  Create space and time, even 10 minutes a day to quiet yourself, focus on His face and sense the nearness of the Jesus.  Write down what you feel.

Corner 2
God Attuning To Us

Corner 2 | God Attuning To Us

Here, you realize that while you're trying to get in tune with God, He is actually attuning to you!  Even though He is so knowledgeable and above us, He comes right down to our level to join us in our song.

When I first began my journey through the Attunement Room, I got very stirred up about thinking about how to get in tune with God and also apprehensive about how to attune to others appropriately.  But then I felt Him telling me that He would show me how to do this.  He would show me how He attunes to me, so that I could really do that for others.

Jesus teaches us fundamental social/emotional skills that we may not have learned as children. In order to have healthy relationships with God, ourselves, and others, we first must experience someone attuning to us, which is what Jesus does with us in this Room. He adjusts our wavelengths and fine tunes us to play, sing and live in perfect harmony with Him.  He also comes down to our level so we don't have to jump too many all at once.

God is able to attune perfectly with us at all times; He cares so deeply for us and is attentive to our hearts.  God will always meet us where we are at – He calls and invites us to join Him on His wavelength, but He is not forceful. He waits patiently for us to decide.

He is attuned to our pains, sorrows, joys, & fears… He knows everything about us and He sees, hears, understands, and loves us beyond measure.

Corner 3
Attuning To Your Season

Corner 3 | Attuning To Your Season

Here, you tune into the constant communion of God in the season you're in. There is wisdom to knowing the season and timing of God in your life. Going with that instead of fighting it is better. Knowing what it is, perceiving it, as you're going through it makes everything easier. It's not a delay, it's a blessing. It causes you to wait on Christ and trust Him to bring forth your destiny and success instead of making it happen by self-strength.


The Lord spoke to me about The Wait Room Corner. This is a place where We wait for Him. It's attuning to waiting for His Blessing and Healing. Jesus told me like in a weight room, there is a place I go where the room doesn't change, but I am the only one who changes by the weight or Wait Room Corner. My body gets stronger by lifting the weights.

In the Wait Room Corner of attuning to myself, I have to wait and attune to my spirit, and to the timing of His Blessings. He showed me by waiting on Him and trusting Him versus Pushing for a Blessing before it's time, that I will always get what He has destined for me. And He has destined me to be attentive to His work in my heart.


Knowing your limits goes with knowing your season and your timing. Things God has spoken over your life may not all be fulfilled in this second. He is always pushing for fulfillment, but He knows where you are and the circumstances of life that suddenly arise.


Instead of living in the future, you attune to the present.  New Age has deceived us into thinking this is a spooky concept.  But you are communing with Christ in everyday life!  You experience and attune to the present because God is in your moments.  He made each one.  Each one is sustained by the power of His Word.

Jesus gives you tools to practice being present and enjoying the moment. You attune and become sensitive to what God is doing in the present.  You learn how to attune to new environments, becoming more aware of is going on in the world around you. You learn to engage with others on a deeper level.  It isn't "zen"-- Jesus is simply alive and present at every moment!

He says He is the bread of life--not just the daily manna that fell from heaven, but the remarkable, nourishing sustaining bread of constant communion.  Nothing can compare to the Aroma of the Fresh Bread of Life in this Present Moment. The aroma of fresh baked bread fills your house with such an inviting aroma! There is an invitation extended to you daily, by “Christ in the Day” to be still and sit with Jesus, this very moment! He is right there with you, right here, right NOW!

Let Him fill you up in a fresh new way... taste and see His goodness! I’m so hungry for His presence, there is always more in the moment, plus the added bonus of new strategies-- that's the butter on the bread!


Practice being in the present moment for 5-10 minutes per day. Monitor your thoughts and don't allow any thoughts about the past or future. Focus entirely on your breathing; focus on what you see, feel, and hear, in the moment.

Corner 4
Attuning To The Symphony

Corner 4 | Attuning To The Symphony

Here, you learn to attune to other people, what they feeling, saying, and experiencing. Similarly to the way that each instrumentalist in an orchestra realizes they need to adjust to their fellow musicians, a beautiful symphony will emerge when there is healthy flow and adjustment in our relationships with others.


I dreamed that I saw God’s Hope Reformers who would bring true and lasting transformation to the world. The Goodness of God would manifest in the land of the living, in all areas of life. The compartments of their heart, trust, joy and hope would be reopened. They would also be like in the movie: ‘August Rush’ where the young boy in August Rush declared constantly to those who were discrediting him .  .  . “I know I have the music in me” and became strong in the struggle. So will these National Reformers!

The ones that were being led in to this banquet hall, I immediately knew that they could bring the ‘Symphony of Nations’ together. And they could bring forth the true heart of God that had been lonely in different arenas of the nation and not loved well. They could bring the ‘Grand Symphony of Love’ for Him in these nations. I saw them bringing the love to certain nations first, that would be tokens and spark other nations to grow. The Lord says, “This is in essence of the New Constitution” – It is His Heart being invited into a nation!


Others are all pursuing Jesus the Conductor of this Symphony as well. Just like the instrumentalists in an orchestra, we tune into Our Great Conductor.  We handle our instrument well and our part in the music well.  We have sensitivity in our relationship with others. We learn the “Overwhelm Concept” --to know the signs of when someone is overwhelmed, and to pick up on social cues that help to avoid overwhelming other people.  We gain new listening and compassion skills.  Jesus helps us to be better listeners and gives us His Heart of Compassion and Understanding for others.  This helps the symphony He is playing to come forth.  We each have our part and help each other in the same playing of it.

God showed me we are to be part of the "Body Armor" that protects what God is trying to do. We must discern who people really are in God, or we may be caught in judging those who have judged and hurt us. Judging others is the last thing that we want to do. We are to attune to God says people really are.

Inherent in a fine-tuned relationship with others is healthy boundaries for ourselves.  We need to know when to build healthy walls.  We are in tune with ourselves and know what season we're in so we don't say Yes to the wrong things and No to the right ones.  We establish healthy boundaries.  We take care of your heart, body, mind, and spirit.  We've been in the I Love You Room and know how precious we are to God.

Then comes forth the Song of JOY that Jesus is trying to release in our communities, cities, and nation!


Practice being in the present moment for 5-10 minutes per day. Monitor your thoughts and don't allow any thoughts about the past or future. Focus entirely on your breathing; focus on what you see, feel, and hear, in the moment.

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