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Hi, I'm bob hartley

In 2012, God met me through a series of twelve visitations in the night. He took me on an inner healing journey through a spiritual place called the Yellow House of Hope. This powerful encounter forever changed my life by giving me a new perspective on how I view God and the world around me. Now my mandate is "to love God well and rid the earth of despair" I will live my life in hope of sharing the invitation to this 12-week journey with everyone I meet. So I invite you, as a marvelous comrade, to experience this miracle of hope with me.

Bob Hartley

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The Problem

"Your perspective will always determine your reality."

In a world of many troubles, believers are found crippled by hopeless belief systems. How do we rise above the clouds of doubt and despair? Is it possible to view our circumstances from the Lord's perspective — where the sun always shines and the light of his presence brings forth abundance of life?

The Solution

Enter into The Yellow House of Hope

The Yellow House is not a physical place, with physical rooms, but a spiritual place. You cannot touch it with your hands, but you can access it through faith in your heart. It is an inner healing journey consisting of 12 rooms. Each room has a unique theme that reveals a fresh perspective on God's character and nature. Each week you'll explore one room at a time and discover new revelations of God's heart for you. Join me on this restorative journey of hope, joy, and spiritual wholeness.

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ROmans 15:13

"May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in him"


"The kind of prophetic ministry that Bob Hartley has helped pioneer on the earth has changed countless lives... including my own."

~Dr. Bill G.

"You know when something is the real deal, and Deeper Waters definitely is.  This material has changed my life, and my family."

~Michael D.
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