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Here we are in the last room in the Yellow House. This is where we become wise seers and builders. This is where we receive His Blueprint for our lives and receive His wisdom on how to walk it out. You will receive your inheritance to become a Wise builder that builds an environment of hope and joy for the benefit of all. You will see and hear the God of Wisdom in all the areas of your life, allowing you to live a life of hope and wholeness.

"Teach us to number our days, that we may present to You a heart of wisdom!" - Psalm 90:12

Oh how we need wisdom!  God gave Solomon breadth of understanding and wisdom that were beyond earth. Solomon's prayers were so wise and he communicated with such depth of wisdom that people heard the wisdom of God on earth as he spoke. They heard it through the mouth of a man but it was really God the whole time.  Many had been afraid to approach God or hear His wisdom from His own mouth--they feared Him and didn't want to go up His holy mountain. But in His mercy, God used a regular man, Solomon, and flooded the world with His heavenly wisdom to build one of the most beautiful, prosperous empires the world had ever seen. People marveled at it from all over the world, but they were really marveling at God. This is what He desires to break forth into the globe through us!

God will lead us through the different corners of the Wisdom Room to put in different tools for achieving His wisdom.  He will take us to Solomon's Porch, where there is a porch swing of sweet communion and counsel.  You learn to sit with God and have that level of relationship where you walk with God as a friend and He hides nothing from you.

"And the Lord said, “Shall I hide from Abraham what I am doing?" - Genesis 18:17

God will take us to the Second Upper Room where you will behold Him as the Lord and King of the cities and nations.  You will see that He is not only the God of Salvation and Redemption, like they did in the First Upper Room, but you will see Him as the God of John 11 where He is the Resurrection and Life today.  He will give you "His Eyes of the Now" where you are above the clouds and fear nothing.  You see the challenges but you have a greater view of God and His ability to bring "Hope Solutions" today and every day.

"For if by the one man’s offense, death reigned through the one, how much more for those who receive abundance of grace and of the gift of righteousness will reign in life through the One, Jesus Christ." -Romans 5:17

He is everywhere and He is not just redeeming a man’s soul, but He is also redeeming entire societies!

Lastly God will take us to an encounter and retreat called a Shiloh where His loving and royal plans come forth.  This is a place where you will be firmly settled and established in Hope.  You gather with those have the same perspective and intermingle with your life for a certain time or season to bring God's plans forth.  You will get more of God's Blueprint for your life and for cities and nations.

"Noble men make noble plans and by noble deeds they stand." - Isaiah 32:8

God’s Masterful Blueprints and Plans are rolled out for a city, nation, or individual that just wow people! They are full of such hope and wonder that you marvel at it and can’t believe it could be that good.

Then you have the wisdom to lead your own soul in the first steps, with God. The Yellow House journey ends but reigning in Life begins!

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THe 4 COrners

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Corner 1
Wisdom From Above

Corner 1 | Wisdom From Above

The Wisdom of God sees a long way out and sees above the clouds. The Word of God says that wisdom is to be desired above all else and that it is high and lifted up.  This means we need to get above the clouds and have the right perspective in order for wisdom to come forth.

The wrong perspective dampens wisdom.  For a long time, Bible-believing Christians followed a man named Darby who wrote about dispensationalism-- a God with different ways, different operating plans which would eventually all fail, ending with the Rapture.  Darby was wrong.  Matthew 24 has been interpreted wrongly.  We've all been taught to want to escape this earth while wisdom is doing life right here with God on the earth, and building with His gifts, His intelligence.


When God birthed this view, He filled them with tongues and the presence of God in the Upper Room.  Flames of fire came to rest on them all, and they all heard the gospel in their own languages.  They were filled with His gifts and His intelligence to reach their own civilizations.  The Great Commission was on the move, and it was a glorious thing!  Not a "hope it all ends soon so the Rapture can begin" thing.

Twenty-one centuries  later, God is giving us a glimpse of the Second Upper Room.  It is an encounter with Him, the God of All of Life, where the healed and expanded view takes over.  You experience the biggest change of life because you come out from under the clouds and behold God's Face of Hopeful Wisdom!  When you see His Eyes of Hope, you are empowered to look at every situation in Life and realize that God is Bigger and that He is always doing something wonderful!

Corner 2
Solomon's Porch

Corner 2| Solomon's Porch

You belong before we believe.
We need to experience loyal love because that establishes the foundation to be able to believe together. (Otherwise it will be hard for you to believe that people appreciate you and what you are about.)
A place where the sweetest of friendships could be experienced
A place where we see one another and discern original design in others and ourselves.
A place where you have Marvelous Comrades who cause you to belong and then you believe.
(1 Samuel 18) – David couldn’t even dream about being King because Jonathan was a big King, but then Jonathan made David belong in royalty and gave up his own throne for David
Sweet Communion and Counsel
Solomon’s Porch is a place where you enjoy friendships of beauty, joy, hope, depth and substance where wisdom comes forth.
This is a place to become wise in relationship and learn how to build healthy relationships. You build relationships on a higher different level of friendship that causes you to feel protected and secured. This level is rarely given on earth but it is given to you on Solomon’s Porch.
On Solomon’s porch there is a Porch Swing where you share with others deep communion and counsel. Sometimes, it is just you and God on the porch and you learn how to have that level of relationship with God alone.
(Genesis 18:17) – The reality where we walk with God as a friend and He hides nothing from us. – “And the Lord said, “Shall I hide from Abraham what I am doing”
You know God as the “Relational God” vs. the “Revelatory God”.
Seeing the Relational aspect of God is so very important because we so often skip the Solomon’s Porch of Relationship in order to receive revelation from God; but if we skip relationships, our revelation of God will be incomplete.
(Exodus 33:15) (Moses) – “Then he said to Him, “If Your Presence does not go with us, do not bring us up from here”.
(Malachi 1)  “You despise the offering of the Lord” because they would run past the table of sweet communion because all they wanted was to get the answer or the gift, but they missed the greatest thing: relationship. The Lord said they defiled the offering and He was very upset with him. They missed the sweet communion by rushing through.

Wisdom is birthed out of hoping in people and hoping in God. Wisdom puts the “Golden Key of Appreciation” into your hand to unlock the Hidden Treasure inside of every person that God created.
Wisdom awakens you to the reality of how incredibly valuable you are!
Wisdom opens your “Eyes to See”.
Wisdom causes you to look at every single person through God's Eyes of Love & Appreciation.
Wisdom causes you to see how incredibly valuable people are.
Wisdom makes you realize that Jesus paid the ultimate price for people.
Wisdom makes you truly treasure others for who God created them to be.

​The number one aspect of Wisdom is asking the right questions of Hope and Love. A wise man seeks to understand & asking the right questions opens up understanding.
Jesus used questions to draw out depth and essence of a person; the questions helped people to gain understanding and wisdom.

Corner 3
Wisdom From Others

Corner 3 | Wisdom From Others

We're together at the top! As you leave Corner 2, you learned to listen, ask questions, and not be reactive. You have an appreciation for other people which goes beyond tolerance but welcomes their input if they have shown themselves to love you. In this Corner of the Wisdom Room, you invite that godly counsel from others into your life. We come into the third way that Wisdom rules our lives, through Marvelous Comrades who are walking with us to love Jesus well.


God’s Loving & Royal Plans come forth.
This is a Place where:
You moved into a place where you are firmly settled established and in Hope.
You receive God’s Blueprint for your life and for cities and nations.
You see His Ways and study why does God have these things or people come into our lives during certain times and seasons.
(Proverbs 9) “Wisdom mingles its wine”
(Acts 2:42) “Life where wisdom mingled as one and becomes ten thousand”
In the Wisdom Room, you gather with those who have the same perspective in hope and then you are able to go to “Shiloh’s” and hear God’s Redemptive Plan for all the earth.
God’s Noble Plans come forth
This is Place where:
The God of Wonder and the Greatest Show on earth and the Plans of God come forth.
The plans of God cannot be thwarted in this place of Shiloh, because you are secure and certain and curveballs don’t throw you off
(Jeremiah 29:11) “Reality – Plans of Welfare of Hope”
Jeremiah received this reality in Jeremiah 31, but then in chapter 32, the city is going to go into captivity, but Jeremiah says “once again fertile fields will come forth from this” because he had already seen the plan… then it happens in Jeremiah 32:10 where the city becomes God’s Joy!
(Isaiah 32:8) “Noble men make noble plans and by noble plans they stand”
God’s Master Plan comes forth
God’s Masterful Blueprints and Plans are rolled out for a city, a nation, or an individual God’s Blueprints that wow people! It such a blueprint of Hope and Wonder that you just marvel at it and can’t believe it could be that good!

Corner 4
Leading Your Soul Well

Leading Your Soul Well

In the very last corner of the Yellow House, you will encounter God and He will give you the wisdom to lead your own soul well:

  • Spending time with God
  • Spending time in the ILY Room
  • Knowing Your Original Design, Walking in It
  • Having Marvelous Comrades
  • Armed with Hope Hearing and Aids and Eyeglasses
  • Making a Good Blueprint

God gives us blueprints for our lives when we take the time to listen and hear Him. He has good plans for us and He reveals His plans at the perfect time.

Learn to walk in step with the Holy Spirit. Allow Him to guide your life, leading you to walk down the path that He has chosen for you, even when you could have gone down a path of destruction. Seek the Cubby Hole.  Trust the Blueprint- don't orient it around your foxes, fissures.

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