The Yellow House

"Come follow Me to the Yellow House. 

It is not a physical place, with physical rooms, but a spiritual place. 

You cannot touch it with your hands, but you can access it with your heart. 

With Me, you enter twelve different rooms, each with their own meaning,

each with their own blessing. 

Watch and listen to all I have to tell you. 

Don't be anxious to learn everything all at once. 

Just one room at a time, one lesson at a time. 

Will you come? 

Are you ready to take this JOURNEY with Me?" 


The Yellow House is a house of hope, wholeness, and upgrades of love.  It is an inner healing journey consisting of 12 rooms.  Each room has its own theme that God works deeply through us to restore who He created us to be.  Along the way we grow in Hope and Adoration for Who He is and what He's doing on the earth.


It starts with us realizing we are His heart's desire.  It ends with us being released as Hopeful Reformers, filled with quietness and rest.  As we are released into our dreams and entrusted with other people's dreams, we become those who see like He sees, hear how He hears, and adore Him wherever we go.
It's designed to be
a year-long journey so you can go through it each year and see what He has for you!  There are resources and social media that go along to encourage you the whole way. 

I personally go through the Yellow House of wholeness every year! It's my theme for the day, the month, the year.  It's my best devotional plan because I'm continually in fellowship with God’s Heart of Hope and His perspective. God has better plans, He is the Better-Than God, and He is ready to heal you, love you, and change the earth through you!

Join us!

    Take the Journey...