The Arm Story

One time I went with my wrestling team to wrestle in the inner city of Detroit. The area we were staying in was really rough and there were bars on the window. I felt scared, and I usually did not feel that way. I woke up in the middle of the night with a huge arm heavy across my chest. I immediately started thrashing the person on me.  Then I realized that my arm had fallen asleep~ the arm I was fighting off was my own. I thought inwardly, "I would never want to fight myself."  Then I heard a voice that said, “But you do it all the time.” 

wrestling arms.jpg

The Underwater Story

I saw myself in the ocean bobbing around and someone trying to shove me under the water continually. I realized that I was the one in the vision who was shoving myself underwater.  God was not going to let me shove myself under the water.


The "I love Bobby" Story

The Lord was standing with me in front of someone I couldn't see because he was in the shadows.  He started to tell me about this person and how he didn’t treat himself well.  The Lord was really angry at how terrible this person was to himself!  I wondered who that was. Then I saw the figure step out of the shadows.. and it was me. The Lord told me, “I don’t like the way you treat Bob Hartley. I love my Bobby Hartley.” 

man shadow.jfif