The Trust Box



I had a dream where I was in a crowd. There were probably 10,000 to 20,000 of us in an auditorium. It felt small. It felt intimate.  Then Jesus walked out. There were all of these boxes that were God-Trust-Boxes.He was reaching into every box all at the same time.

God Working on Ball of Trust
There was a little girl next to me. She had asked for a gift of a man of her dreams when she gets older. As soon as she dropped that request into the God-Trust-Box, Jesus started to work on it. I got to see how He had massaged it like an egg, until it was ready to come forth and be birthed. He showed me different things. Sometimes there were eggs about to hatch. But they all had a different gestation period. Sometimes there were presents that were to be unwrapped at the right time.

Time Capsule
They all had attached a time capsule with them, but some of them would be left out in the storm and be battered. They would look like they were sinking in the mud, and old villages that were archaic. He would be there with a sorrow with joy, but very hopeful. He would have His angels around protecting it, like with an orb around it.

Not Watching the Birth Process
The people were watching what they trusted the Lord for. They would be watching it go through all these seasons and afflictions on its way to birth. It was like they were watching a birth process of themselves. They were never meant to see the birth process for themselves, or they would have come out traumatized and die. 

Not Taking the Ball out of the Box
It gave great understanding on what people had put in the God-Trust-Box and how it would always come to fruition either here or there. If it was damaged because of the person who trusted Him for something, getting in there and trying to overthink it, handle it, take it back, try to preserve it – versus right away, giving it to Him. Even in the storm, we were not to look at the storm, but to look at Him.

Trusting with Relationships
I saw one, who in his box, he wanted to trust the Lord with people and relationships. He had gotten bitter because he tried to take it into his own hands and control. He didn’t trust God in that area, that God makes everything beautiful in its right time. He was to be pleasant, joyful, and thankful for the relationships that the Lord had given him. He would have a heart for people again. It was a gift he wanted to have. He wanted to see people with the eyes of Jesus and celebrate them as a great gift. It was his number one hobby. When people talk about hobbies, there is a hobby called the discovery of people, the enjoyment of people, the lifting up of people, launching of people.

Large Healthy Heart
We can trust the God who supplies us. It continued where He opened my box. I saw Him with a large healthy heart that was a protected heart. I would not take into my heart things that were meant to harm my joy. I was to know that the sorrow wasn’t what He had for me. I was to trust Him. I tried to put my hands on it. It was to be normal Bob that was fun Bob, full of love and full of joy. It expresses that I am that man.That new creation. That new order. He had made me ‘Hartley the Hart', and it was so powerful.

“He gave me back my productivity. I was productive in a way He desired and focused on. I wouldn’t get hooked by business issues. I would return to the deep dreams that He had given me for the Yellow Houses, for hope centers, for the world to have a different expression of hearing Him and hearing His heart. He gave me back the heart that I would be a mentor and trainer of the prophetic.

“Most of all, I would give the heart and the vision of Him and His perspective with some of the right questions. I was to be about one thing, the Heart of the Hearer. If that got right, everything else was secondary. He had given me back from the box the heart of devotion, where devotion has been difficult with the pain of my body and situations of everyday that have been too much.

He gave me out of this box, blockers, those who would block the devil’s voice and challenges to me.

Not to Look at the Process
We can trust this God to supply. We can know there is a time stamp on these. When we give it to Him, He works on it. We are not to look at where it is in the time or the process. We are to ask Him hopeful questions about it, but allow Him to work His beautiful process.

The Biggest Gift is Relationship
To trust the relationship, to receive relationship as the biggest gift. We would see Your ways in all of what we are doing. We trust Your ways that we can put the process in Your hands in a joyful way of what we are doing in hope, so that we are not sideswiped. You wanted me to be done with all the sorrow, but I opened myself up to so many deep levels of grief. I gave You my grief, sorrow, and authenticity. I would be authentic with joy, fun, and celebration. You are taking it out of the box and giving it back to me formed into a different man in a different place.