Mr. Squashbucket 

One time I had an amazing dream of Jesus offering great gifts on a silver platter.  But the "I Don't Deserve It" spirit wanted to resist the good things God was giving.  It said I did not deserve to have this good dream, I did not deserve to have love or provision or protection in my life.  


Mr. Squashbucket squashes the life out of you.  When new life comes in, he says it is your selfishness or arrogance--that just because you want to receive this gift from the Lord, you're selfish and have been for your whole life.  He is also pessimistic.  If something in your dream looks ominous, then it must be bad and that bad thing must be for you.  Do you deserve to have a good wife or good children that love you?  Do you deserve NOT to have bad things happen to you?  Mr. Squashbucket answers these questions for you, but God told me that there was no-one to blame but me for these interpretations.  I had to know His nature more.  When I didn't, He showed me it was like a slap in His face. 


Then God gave me the solution to Mr. Squashbucket--the trumpet of Psalm 103.  God is good and we are not to forget all His benefits.  More than 66 times, the Psalms say to shout aloud.  So you just take the trumpet and shout out all His gifts and benefits louder than the enemy's voice!  

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Mr. Pitwalk 

In sports, coaches teach their athletes to immediately forget a negative play.  Because if you allow a negative thought to exist for more than 90 seconds, it will start to develop a pathway in your brain. Then you are very likely to replay it and repeat it.  You have to forget and move on.


Mr. Pitwalk, however, doesn't allow you to forget. Mr. Pitwalk is someone who seems to befriend you along the path but brings up the little questions and doubts that make you feel like you're a horrible person, or very close to trouble.  They work a groove, deeper and deeper in you until you are in a pit you can't get out of.  

One time inside the Christian world, I was greatly challenged on my words, thoughts, and messages.  I have always tried to be authentically Bobby Hartley but someone told me I was a liar, fabricator, and other terrible things.  I began to think maybe I was.  I ended up getting into a deeper and deeper rut with this person until I was in a pit and that pit felt like hell.  It started to make a groove in my brain and in my emotions.  

But God then showed me the answer to Mr. Pitwalk.  He gave me the shroud of Benaiah, who killed a lion in a snowy pit. It was an incredible gift.  In my vision, I killed the lion and then took a sharp instrument like a knife which I stabbed in its heart.  Then I stood on the chest of the lion which made me tall enough to get out of the pit.  God showed me that the very enemy I needed to be destroyed was a tool for me to build upon.

Remember God is a ferocious patriarch!  The devil may roar around like a lion, looking for someone to devour, but the Lord utters a roar that prevails against His enemies (Isaiah 42:13).  There's a partnership with Him on the most intimate level that will help you kill a lion in a pit.  When your enemy is insidious, He will go forth like a warrior and arouse His zeal like a man of war on your behalf.

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