The Soweto Woman

& 5 Pillars of Hope

When my wife and I were in South Africa during apartheid, we went with a pastor to a village with tin-shanties, called Soweto, to lead a church group there.  It was a desperate situation in this village.  


However, we walked into this building in the middle of Soweto and found it was filled with hope!  It was a FORTRESS OF HOPE (Job 42:5) and the place was touching the nation! I asked them who was in charge, and they pointed out a little 4’ tall woman who was a leader and I saw how she herself had become a fortress of hope, in the midst of all these difficulties. Her hope was so deep she had hoped in and forgiven the man who murdered her brother and he was now key in the community working alongside her to bring HOPE.”  (Job 42:5 / Ex 33:11 / Is 42:13 / Is 40:11)

As a result of her hope, that shanty became a radiant Hope Center in God!  (Phil 2 / John 12:33 / Matt 18) The people were changed from a hopeless people to people who could change the way things are in their nation….From these slums of Soweto was birthed this new nation of South Africa.”

What caused the transformation was the 5 Pillars of Hope in God! The Soweto woman had HOPE that enabled her to see God rightly in 5 ways…

Hope took her to another place in love, where she HOPED IN OTHERS.  She was able to see the man that persecuted her brother and yet believed in him! He became her right hand man.  Words full of hate, she would not listen! She would listen to and would see God!

She saw THE NEXT GENERATION as they are and are called to be vs. what they are not.  Her HOPE led her to a confidence in God’s GOOD plans and commitment to them, not as generation X,Y,Z but as GENERATION HOPE!

Her HOPE IN GOD led her to believe that God would hear & answer her prayers, 1 Kings 18 hope. She heard His voice as the God of Hope, which enabled her to see Him in all of life.  She began to build in the day, reforming the place that she lived! (Luke 15).  


Her HOPE IN PRAYER led her to learn to build on her knees just like I did in the prayer room… 

Her HOPE led her to be confident that God loves cities and nations, that He has a future and a HOPE for EACH CITY & NATION across the Earth. Her HOPE led her to believe that God has the ability and desire to change a nation in a day.