Something Old, Something New...

Best Friends

Your Marvelous Hope Friends & Comrades will give to you ‘Something Old', ‘Something New', ‘Something Borrowed', & ‘Something Blue'.

Something Old
What’s old? Something old is appreciative memories. Like Paul said over and over again, “I am so thankful for you. I lay my life down for your reconciliation. We’ve had awesome times together.” Something old is your inheritance. Friends will remind you of that inheritance. They will hold it and treasure it for you. It is much more than what we know.

Something New
Jesus was a marvelous comrade on the Road to Emmaus. They were walking into something new. The disciples were confused and perplexed. They said, “Didn’t our hearts burn?” Joshua 3 – “We’ve never gone this way before.” He brought them a new operating system and a new way forward. Marvelous comrades will meet you in the most difficult times in your life, and they will help you find a new, better-than way forward. They will help you to grow. They will say, “You are called to make wealth in the land. Behold He is doing a new thing.” They help you NOT get stuck.

Something Borrowed
Marvelous comrades will borrow grace for you, when you do not deserve it. They will sit by you and give you grace. They will let that bank account grow full of grace and give that to you. They will extend to you grace. Marvelous comrades borrow wisdom for you. I had my older brother Billy borrow wisdom for me in what to do and how to move forward. So many have borrowed wisdom for me, to tell me how to move forward in the most difficult time in my life.

Something Blue
Something blue is revelation of the future. It is a blueprint for your destiny. I can remember living in my car at fifteen. My sister sat me down and said, “Bobby, you are going to be a great storyteller. You have awesome gifts. You are going to have a great story in your life.” She gave me something blue, the revelation of my story. It is time to be friends, not to be enemies. It is time to allow the Lord to make us marvelous comrades!