In a series of dreams and visitations throughout 2005, Jesus spoke clearly to me about His saints: His heart for them, where they were "at" in their spiritual journey, where He was taking them, the battles they had won and lost, the struggles they were currently facing, and the advanced tools He was giving them to overcome.

Jesus also spoke about the turmoil and dificulties to come, and the absolute necessity for every believer, regardless of their station, to stake their personal place "on the wall" of prayer, adding their voice to the growing chorus before the throine of God.

The "Call to the Wall" contains powerful insights into the heart of God, and His glorious unfolding plan in our generation.


"This book will surprise you in the way it will suddenly pierce your heart" -Bob Sorge

"A prophetic insight into our generation...I highly recommend a prayerful reading of this prophetic challenge" -Noel Alexander

"Prophetic, piercing and timely. Read, weep, and then take a big deep breath" -Jim Goll

The Call to the Wall

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