Word for The Election

A few days ago, the Lord asked me, “Did the church hear or not? If they heard, tell them to go and do business!”

It was clear to me that the Lord was reminding us that we were to continue partnering with

Him and that fear had no place. Faith comes by hearing and we have heard. I want to encourage the body of Christ to do battle with that substance of faith and hope! The Lord is asking us to partner with Him in a proactive rather than a reactive way. How do we do this?

First, we command. We enter into that peace that surpasses understanding.

Second, we ask for the spirit of revelation to open our eyes to see the God of Joshua 5 (He is the captain of the hosts and we are either for Him or against Him).

The Lord said we are not to be intimidated by those who do not have the resources of God at their hands. The Lord reminded us that we stand in the grace of God and our spirit man is to be awakened in this hour. We are not to be guilty about the counsel of prophets that have escorted us rightly towards righteousness in our land and the Lord's victory. The Lord said we are not to throw each other under the bus. We are finally in our own minds getting elevated to heavenly places.

He has mercy and is giving people the opportunity to repent and turn towards His tender heart for them. This will open their eyes to see Him as the Lion and not just the lamb.

We are to Adjudicate with Him major visitations of Jesus for leaders and peoples that are opposing the word of God. The Lord reminded us that we get to partner with Him specifically to speak the word of God. The Lord said we speak as oracles and engage the angels to move the veil back for Him to be seen.

Third, we partner with the Lord and command the angel armies to go into the counting rooms and for angels of discernment (Isaiah 11:3) to go to leadership rooms where, if they are overwhelmed, they will be willing to go back and start recounting mail with a new process . We command the electioneers to quit raging and to repent as terror will fill their heart.

We command visions to be released over them that will lead them to see the Judge and to see pictures of federal prisons and the fires of hell, so they run to turn themselves into Him. This is out of love for them, The Lord said. He is the King of All the Earth and He wants no more raging but repenting, where the hurt, but not defensive and arrogant hearts, can show Him total surrender.

I saw many in secret places surrendering and saying Psalm 131 – saying they are just so tired and drained with this battle, this is a matter too big for them to take on themselves, so they surrender their strength and dive into the resources of heaven and partner with the great heart of God.

I saw Joe Biden asking the questions of life and death (I will be sending him a message and to democratic leaders, also to 3 main broken conspirators against the true legal votes).

The Lord promised that if we partner with Him to send His wisdom angels to Kings of the Earth as a blanket to our land. They will cause the atmosphere to be like the days of Samuel, where none of his words failed and the philistines could not invade the land.

The conspirators have done evil in a few ways that I can share, and I can only do these if there is a remembrance that our goal in Christ is to love our enemies and not to be frantic executors of personal Justice. We are not to shrink back. This is our country and we are to see the golden opportunity to exercise our growing authority and maturity.

Here is what I saw and released to the highest level of authorities in our land. I saw 4 boxes of ballots in a gym in Philadelphia under a basketball goal. They had a blanket on top of them and I saw who had put them there. I saw the 3 conspirators. 1 was named Shawn (this was shared with authorities and they were not allowed access, but He is releasing light where the troubled spots of darkness are).

The chief war is in Phileo - the city God named to be a city of brotherly love. God has us to command the angels to go with agape love to first melt the hearts of a land that has had their confidence shaken to their importance in the whole nation to not bring division but bring brotherly, Godly love.

Now is the time for the people of God to co-labor with the angel armies. Decree and send mighty angel sentries to go on the offensive with their swords to cut short the enemy’s attempts and expose the opposition of God. Send angels of divine photography to take pictures of where ballots have been hidden. The Lord is empowering Rudy Giuliani and 7,000 other hopeful watchmen that will be released now to bring forth truth and love. We must go into the camp of the enemy, like Gideon did with the Mennonites and hear the fear. We would go and bang on some things, and they would run in terror.

These watchmen are eager to be sent into a magnificent victory of our God and we bless these brothers and sisters and many others to go to these polling places to kneel and pray and intervene and adjudicate to bring down unrighteousness and fortify and empower the truth. We release translation and these places will be like a second upper room of joy and strength. All were to ask if they were to go.

These will be declarers of the identity of the United States. Remember, this is the nation that has spacious skies and amber waves of grain (the great harvest is now). They will declare the fear of the Lord, the reverence and authority of God, and they will have prophetic words of knowledge of where things are hidden, of phone numbers and addresses, and of actions that can’t stand in a nation that lives under God. crowning of this nation with Godly brotherhood, noble righteousness and liberty from strife.

Release, enhance, and embolden the sent agents of the Lord that will have the angel of righteousness with them. Decree that people will start spitting the truth out about what is really going on and that Joe Biden will call on the name of the Lord and say “I am not up for this job or the consequences.”

It will be discovered that a man named Shawn and a few others that I am not ready to release are at the core of this. Proclaim that truth will come out of their mouths and they will say exactly the evil they have done.

What is occurring behind the scenes is to be treated as domestic terrorism. The Lord said we are not to fight fire with fire but come into the mature authority of God. One of Godly tools is the belly laugh of true hope, confidence and the goodness of God coming forth in the Land. He wanted to remind us that He is not overwhelmed.

The Lord said that righteous men and women were rising up. God's perspective in this time has been a blessed catalyst. I saw a man with an eye patch, and I saw a jolly one and I saw a resurrection of Phil Kline. I saw the elderly and the true foreigners that have come for the dream of America and the foreigners across the nation that will declare is the Good Samaritan Nation and an anchor to the Hope in God across the nations.

We commission the Isaiah 36 angels to destroy the hopelessness that has risen up in the land and for Christians to go from thinking they are grasshoppers in their own eyes, like the spies who gave the Israelites in Numbers 13 a fearful report, which kept them out of the Promised Land. Let us partner with our unbeatable Hope angel.

Then I asked The Lord, “what about our president?” And He said to pray Isaiah 60 - that when gross darkness covers the earth, we will arise and shine and take hope and be of good cheer because He has overcome the world. I saw Jesus deciding to stay close to Trump and go to a new season in His life where he is becoming his middle name. The Lord is bringing him forth from a Sirius, then to a fiery John, and finally to a John the Beloved. He will be even stronger in his authority in the design of God and against evil with the power and authority of God to release the power of God's love. Release the angels of God that protect the counsel to Trump and the people around him, that the angels will assist and protect the will of God and that which purely strengthens him in God.

In a vision, I saw Mike & Susan Pence (which is her middle name), Eileen Morris, Sarah Huckabee, Kayleigh McEnaney and other key people associated with President Trump. They will help heal the people of blindness (John 9 - be ready to believe for the miracles. There is no room for trepidation). The Lord said to put on the garment of faith and hope for miracles.

Every saint of God should speak what God speaks from the earth agreeing with God. The Lord is saying “the God of the Trump Card wins, and the Pence… who a penny of his integrity will save a nation.

Several prophets such as Mark Taylor, Kat Kerr and the late Kim Clement have prophesied this over the years. These and other prophecies about a second term for President Trump were spoken before people knew Trump or that he was even running for President. I shared in the year 2000 about the next presidents and in 2016 that the God of the Trump card would win. I have faith for a second term.

We decree John Trump wins! We release these words into the earth and command angelic sentries to oppose those who are trying to bring darkness across this nation! We release angels because they see and know more than we do about the things that are going on behind the scene.

We can pray the following prayer:

Dear God, we, your people, partner with you today. We command angels to run and release your will and to oppose anything that stands against your will. Father, we stand with you and look forward to these great victory stories that will come forth! This is another great adventure and miracle and also dynamic turnaround stories will come forth now in Jesus’ name! We will not be reactive in fear but rather full of hope and faith! We will always be proactive and above all the clouds with confidence! Because we have heard! Let every contrary attitude flee from us in your great name! Thank you for rejuvenating and restoring all your promises to us and our land for the glory of your name, Amen!!!

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