The Hope Challenge

If you'll forgive me, I wanted to repost a corporate Word I had in 2014 because, upon reading it again this week, I found it so relevant to this very challenging time!

For many, the Covid-19 season has been extremely difficult. For different reasons, there's been the temptation to be discouraged--perhaps the length of the quarantine, the severity of the virus, the economic turmoil... not to mention the confusion over what this means from God's perspective.

Yet we have had many of these same challenges in the last decade, and the encouragement is that we have faced them all and come out even better! I don't say this to dismiss the very real crises people are struggling with, but to ENCOURAGE your heart to HOPE. This too shall pass. This is an opportunity to go deep with God. He is doing hidden things and bringing out the hidden treasures as we wait patiently for His deliverance.

That said, here is my Word from 6 years ago when we were facing very significant political and economic challenges. The thrust is that God cares very much how His children feel about Him in challenging times, and what image of Him we convey to others.



FROM 2014: Jesus is issuing a word of correction to many of His beloved leaders in the land. This also extends out to segments of the people of God in general, for as the leaders go, so go the people. It is a word for all, from the greatest to the least.

I saw some dark and heavy clouds of trouble, despair and depression roll across the hearts and minds of God's people and leaders in all the arenas of life…even more intensely over the last quarter of 2013. I had personally encountered this satanic opposition during these past few weeks, but Jesus kept insisting to keep watching for the breakthrough in the clouds. Then He warned us all with a very firm, but still loving, tone: “Do not speak until I lift you up out of the miry clay, and put a new song in your mouths.” He also declared with intensity, ”I do not use the enemy to spank My children!” He said, ”I intend to turn the enemy's assaults and attacks into opportunities for you to partner with Me to transform them into portals of hope.

Then he spoke this passage: “…I will give her her vineyards and make the Valley of Achor a door of hope. And there she shall answer as in the days of her youth, as at the time when she came out of the land of Egypt” (Hosea 2:15). The Lord decreed, “You must continue to watch until you can see and speak from the silver lining, the hopeful place with My hopeful solutions, versus speaking from the dark clouds that release the dark humidity of doubt and despair. Indeed, I have already positioned and am empowering both My angel armies and My Hope Reformers to discern and apply these divine answers.”

“I will raise you up above the clouds to see My heavenly perspective of these negative situations and challenges and turn them into opportunities to advance in amazing ways and bring reformation to cities and nations. Mercy triumphs over judgment.”

“Can you hear Me? I am giving you My blessing without reproach. Can you hear Me? Nehemiah did! I have a blueprint…a building kit…to birth the Kingdom Church…an apostolic reformation and the restoration of all things. Can you hear Me?”

The Lord said to stop being like Sanballat…a professional accuser…who twisted the truth by magnifying the challenge instead of the Lord. Like in the time of Nehemiah, the Lord is commanding us to be happy and rejoice with His plans to build and rebuild. Questions And Answers: Then the Lord spoke to me about 2014 in response to my questions: “Civil war?” “No! Not to worry, Hope Peacemakers are rising up. Be praying for peace on all sides. Go forth. It is time to build.”

“U.S. currency failure?” “No! Not to worry. I have some good plans. Therefore go and build.”

“Protect ourselves to survive tribulations?” “No! I have you protected and covered like the cities in Goshen. Freedom is granted to live more generously than ever and bring reformation. Go, build and have fun!”

“Need to hoard food?” “No! However, there will be a few various places where there will be need for food assistance, so be wise. Go and build, have fun, so that you can feed people. See your food multiply, and there will be supernatural and providential miracles in these days.”

The Lord said to all of us in a very kind but very firm tone, “Stop it, stop it, stop it, stop it, stop it! Stop spreading this misery, this evil humidity that you have been spewing out that settles upon the mountains. If you cannot speak out of life, do not speak out of death. Look again from a better view, from My perspective. You are to get above the clouds. To 'fear Me' is to see what I see.”

“It is harming, confusing and wounding My people…it puts My cities and nations under a dark cloud. It is speaking out of your own wounds…or your warfare, or your weariness, or your sense of rejection, or your isolation, or your disappointments, or your despair. I am bringing a healing model and restoring My joy to all those who have suffered pain in this life, and it is beautiful.

Let Me tell you how to fight with hope and love.” (At this point He laughed and lightened the mood.) “Ask Me this, What would it be like if My servants simply focused on hope and love until the very end? What kinds of amazing solutions would I bring into this world?'”

Let's fight against this enemy together! I do not want both sweet and bitter waters to proceed from the same source (James 3:11). I do want to go with you! but follow Me with joy, love, hope, and adventure in your hearts. Band together and reveal to all ‘The God of the Fifth Scene.' Call them into the Hope Reformation…the people who do know their God, who shall be strong and do great exploits (Daniel 11:32)."

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