Praying for The Election

My dear friend, Mark and Debbie Hendrickson, wrote this incredibly powerful explanation of how their view of how we can most powerfully pray during this time. It is full of truth, life, and wisdom and I felt it was so important to share! I will be sharing a word tomorrow night that relates to this. I encourage all to read and pray!

Friends I thought you might like to hear my musing and posturing as I process the election. I have felt all along that Trump will win this election.  I actually felt like his electoral votes may be around 300.  It may still happen.  But even this morning, I do not doubt that Trump will win… eventually.  So, what is my stance and my strategy?    Well, I do not feel compelled by fear or trepidation, at all.  But rather because of the volume and power of the prophetic words that have been spoken over the last decade and because of my own inner sense, I have been proactive in the Heavenlies.  I feel that it is right for us to partner with angelic hosts and ‘go to’ the voting committee counting and council rooms around the country and set up angel sentries to execute the righteous will of God.  We’re to bless angels with our acknowledgement of them and our favor toward them… and commission them with our permissions to carry out the Word of God.  Ps 103:20 – “Bless the LORD, you His angels, Who excel in strength, who do His word, heeding the voice of His word.” 1) We must anchor our hearts and minds in God’s word and will.  That may take some activation for some people.  They may have to go back and refresh their memories on the prophetic words and their personal ‘knowings’.   2) When our heart is fully in faith, then we begin to “speak as an oracle of God”.  We speak WITH God, voicing his will and his words over the matter.  That’s the only legitimate and effective way for a believer to release and declare, anyway… speaking AFTER we’ve heard.    So we speak what we’ve heard from God.  This is what makes the mighty angels activate.  They “heed the voice of His word”.  When we speak His word, they are automatically activated.  Ps 149:9   (The saints are)…To execute on (the rulers) the written judgment— This honor have all His saints. Praise the Lord!” Our honor is to speak what God speaks.  We make a decree from our Heavenly places, just like God decrees.  We execute the judgement/decree by agreeing with God.  What is the judgement this time:  Trump wins!  So to any ally or foe, we declare God’s decree over them… for them to be emboldened and empowered if they are an ally to God’s will… and to be resisted and stopped if they are a foe to God’s will.  Obviously, we don’t wrestle against flesh and blood, nor (for me) do I engage with dark powers.  I stay in the Heavenly places full of Light and release what God says ‘down’ into the earthly situations.  Let’s pray and decree something like this: Father what an amazing position of favor we have with You.. and authority we’ve received from You.  We love growing into our full inheritance in partnership and co-ruling with You. So, after having marinated in the will of God regarding this election for last year, we rally you mighty angels to partner with us.   Let’s go carry out my Father’s will.  Let’s take dominion and execute the will of the Lord.  We now commission and release you into the voting committee counting and council rooms across our nation to stand as powerful sentries to allow only that which fulfills the will of the Lord.  We empower you with our permission and blessing to withstand any tactic or plan that would attempt to compromise our Father’s will and plan for America!  Go with our blessing and God’s speed.  Do mighty battle!!  Let nothing stand in the way of the victorious establishing of God’s will. Father, we love Your words and Your will.  They are always peaceable and fruitful… and empowering unto victory.  We love to hear and partner with You! “Now thanks be to God, who always leads us into triumph in Christ!” – II Cor 2:14 Thank You, Father for covering us and protecting and preserving all that pertains to us and our righteous influence, as we engage in Your Kingdom advancement.  Amen. Now we stand confidently and every once in a while, thank God for the victorious stories that will be as trophies to His power… stories that become future weapons for us… and stories that help train and strengthen those around us.  Say something like, “God, this is going to be another amazing story, isn’t it!!  I love doing Kingdom life with You!”  Then bless the angels that are now on strategic assignment. “Great job angels!  Go angels!   We love partnering with you in Kingdom business.”  And “call forth things which are not yet, as though they were” (Rms 4:17).  “I call forth amazing stories.  Come forth now.  Dynamic upsets and strategic turn-arounds.  Conclusive official declarations of Trump’s presidency!  Come forth in Jesus’ name!” We will not be reactive in fear… rather we have always been proactive to partner with God with confidence, because we’ve heard. Love and blessings to all, Mark & Debbie