January 6th Prayer

A friend of mine asked me to pray for someone he knew that was running for senator. Although I wasn’t able to be there in person, I was able to share with him that this individual was going to win but that he would need to be like Jeff Smith in Mr. Smith goes to Washington. That was communicated to him and a group of people agreed in prayer over the word and he won the election.

However, this individual is now standing alone (as far as we know) in opposition to the irregular voting that happened during the 2020 election. Let’s all pray for him and Vice President Pence, who a penny of his integrity could help save our nation. They both have the sweet stick that allows them to turn the bitter waters into sweet as well as the ability to maintain what is right and good. They both have a gentleness which is power under control, but also know the place the lord has put them.

There are 10-12 other senators that are needing our prayer to stand in the place of courage that they have been called to. They don’t realize there is more for them than against them.

Dream for Georgia:

I also had a dream for those who live in Georgia - it is time to vote. One of the greatest things that could happen would be if the republican candidates won by 25% as it would show the irregularities of this last election. It is time for a landslide. It is the right of every Georgian to make their voice heard for righteousness. If everyone votes, the republican candidates will win by 25%.

There is much to question about the imbalance of power that is possible here and it is time for a New Year! I saw a million at the mall on January 6th and if there are any individuals who feel they are called to be there but cannot afford it, we would like to pitch in some funds to help with the cost of travel for up to 4 people for people to go. Please sign up for our mailing list on our webpage and send a message if you are interested!

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