Hopeful Freedom by Bob

Hopeful Freedom is when you “let it go” or “let it be” in regards to uncertainty.

Hopeful Freedom is even though the world might be on top of you, to have rest and you will live to tell the tale. You will succeed.

Hopeful Freedom is you being you.

Freedom is speaking/thinking kindly about you. Freedom is knowing no matter what, you are loved.

Hopeful Freedom is being vulnerable in secure attachment.

Hopeful Freedom is not worrying about things you can’t control.

Hopeful Freedom is risk and not fearing failure.

Hopeful Freedom is not sweating the small stuff.

Hopeful Freedom is knowing no matter what happens to you, you are still breathing.

Hopeful Freedom is when you are not plagued with thoughts of what people think of you.

Hopeful Freedom is knowing if someone doesn’t appreciate you, there is always someone else who will.

Hopeful Freedom accepts that no friendship or relationship is a guarantee but each one is a gift.

Hopeful Freedom is not wasting your pain.

Hopeful Freedom is not magnifying pain.

Freedom is growing and learning lessons. Freedom is acceptance.

Hopeful Freedom is knowing you can be number one in the world at something, and being okay with being misunderstood. (we all are).

Hopeful Freedom is seeing the good in every situation, even ones that have caused you great grief in the past.

Hopeful Freedom is stripping anxiety of its grip on your soul. Anxiety is lack of peace about the uncertain.

Freedom is putting your uncertainty & things you don’t understand into the God-you-can-trust box. Knowing no matter what, all things will work together for your good…

Hopeful Freedom is not numbing or masking your pain but walking through it unto joy.

Freedom is the God-given willpower to do that.

Hopeful Freedom is having no fear of rejection, because if people really knew you, truly knew you, they’d like you.

Hopeful Freedom is self control.

Hopeful Freedom is love and not bending a knee to lust, lest it cause you to miss the heart.

Hopeful Freedom is knowing even though you need people, they might not be there and being okay with just having you, cause the right people will come around eventually – and they will (we all need each other).

Hopeful Freedom is to give trust and grace. Freedom is you caring for you in the midst of that.

Hopeful Freedom is taking your regrets and forgiving yourself, letting yourself off the hook.

Hopeful Freedom is realizing people’s judgments are signs of their own insecurities and not taking what they say so personally. They don’t know any better.

Hopeful Freedom is self respect.

Hopeful Freedom is having no judgments, cause you don’t know anyone’s journey.

Hopeful Freedom is to agree to disagree, knowing people are different. If you are right – and you probably are – you can always pick up on it later. Freedom is having fun for now.

Hopeful Freedom is depth and giving yourself time to discover what makes you feel most alive.

Freedom is the right to dream.

Freedom is exploration without shame.

Hopeful Freedom is not that you can’t get hurt, but knowing you will be hurt and cultivating the tools to deal with it. Then, you go from magnifying hurt into living in hope.

Hopeful Freedom is knowing you are not alone. You always have someone.

Hopeful Freedom laughs at your mistakes knowing you are just a human being.

Hopeful Freedom is when you die to what hurts you, without rejecting your humanity.

Hopeful Freedom is discipline, having what it takes or finding what it takes to win – and you will.

Freedom makes your challenges your stepping stool.

Hopeful Freedom is going to bed knowing you are good enough and that you matter, and waking up the same.

Hopeful Freedom is opening your eyes to beauty and appreciation, not taking a single breath for granted. Freedom spits in the mud and opens the blind around you.

Hopeful Freedom is even though you don’t get the love you want or desire, it doesn’t mean you don’t deserve it (cause you do, we all do).

The right people or one will come along.

Hopeful Freedom is feeling your feelings and not running from them.

Hopeful Freedom is Jesus Christ. “The heart is restless until it rests in Him” (Augustine).

Hopeful Freedom is a whole heart.

Freedom is unadulterated joy. And, when you become free, everyone around you becomes free.

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