Freedom to See New Miracles

Adoration Prayer - Freedom to See New Miracles Being Released

Written By: Nanette Wooten

Lord, You are the God of Hope and Expanded Miracles. From the Goodness of Your heart we see You are releasing new types of miracles over our land to come to the aid of Your people. We see miracles of hope and perspective, protection and revelation...miracles that touch the deepest, most tender parts of our hearts.

When You helped the desperate father overcome his unbelief, You answered his fear of being inadequate by showing him he could come to You for anything he needed, even faith. (Mark 9:24)

When You told Jairus “Don’t be afraid. Just believe.” You showed us that in You, we are not foolish to Hope for things the world calls impossible. (Mark 5:36)

The power of these amazing new miracles helps guard our way to our God-given rights and freedoms. You confront our doubts and fears with the miraculous so we are free to walk boldly into Your Presence and Hope.

You are opening our eyes to see Your Wisdom and Your Ways through these miracles, enabling us to grow in our knowledge of You. Because of Your Abundant Love, we are coming into a deeper understanding of the Heart of our Father, who loves to equip His children to build beautifully radiant families, churches, cities and nations with Him.

It is Your great pleasure to spend the currency of heaven over us. Thank You, Abba! We love You. We declare that You are the God of Expanded Miracles and that our hearts will be changed by what You allow us to see.

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