Narrator Dream

Image by Ben Rosett

Attune to God’s Ways & Freedom

I have had repeated dreams about National Reformers, about all believers in nations, including mothers, fathers, children & business people. It was  including anyone who helped build the wall of a city. In these dreams, I saw a Pathway that 50 million Nation & Marketplace People were on a “Royal Journey” with a “Royal Cause” with the “Royal Man Jesus” to rebuild “Royal Nations” that would love Him well!

The Narrator and I walked into the Banqueting Hall together. He showed me three hundred that were ready to train the National Reformers.  They each had a specific part, piece of the puzzle, or advance tool to feed the people with.  Not any of them had it all!  They themselves needed each other’s feedings.  They would be taught as they were teaching others!  All (including the three-hundred teachers) were to learn two lessons.

The Narrator spoke of those being called into the Banqueting Hall.  As people were being sat at the different tables, the Narrator began to explain to me who was being called into the Banqueting Hall and which lessons they were to learn.

The Narrator walked me throughout and spoke to me. He was Angelic and tender.  He spoke great truth to me of who was being called, what classrooms they were to go into, what some of the lessons were and the present invitation to National Reformers.

Then the Narrator came up to me and said “These are the bright stars as in Daniel 12:3, great and small and will light up the way for others who will not seek after their own personal grandeur, or world’s definition of success. But they are the reformers who will grow in love for God and others. And the compartments of their Hearts will become large as they unlock their true worship and hope prayer and their identity in God as National Reformers.”

All had a place in rebuilding the walls and God’s original intent for cities and nations. The ones who were brought in and sat at the table were the WILLING, even though some had been wounded, some had doubt afflictions, some had been diminished, but all had been called to be stars. These WILLING people were to go from ‘Sorry to Soaring’. He wanted to give them Advance Tools and learning’s in different classrooms so that they could be like Joseph or Daniel, who pressed into the nearness of God and the beautiful gift within them to prosper and change societies in Him.

In this banqueting hall, He would feed their hearts the right way so that the compartments of their heart, trust, joy and hope would be reopened. They could also be like ‘August Rush’ – the young boy in August Rush declared constantly to those who were discrediting him “I know I have the music in me” and became strong in the struggle. So will these National Reformers.

The ones that were being led in to this banquet hall, I immediately knew that they could bring the ‘Symphony of Nations’ together. And they could bring forth the true heart of God that had been lonely in different arenas of the nation and not loved well. They could bring the ‘Grand Symphony of Love’ for Him in these nations. I saw them bringing the love to certain nations first, that would be tokens and spark  other nations to grow. The Lord says, this is in essence of the New Constitution:  It is His Heart being invited into a nation.

What I saw next as I stood by the narrator: He explained to me the classrooms and who would teach the lessons. Within these classrooms, they were to receive two lessons that would unlock these compartments in their heart and their true identity and their power in God as a ‘Reformer’.  The Narrator continued as he said, “The first lesson for all of these National Reformers (the lesson title had been hung over the door of the classroom) is to learn the lesson of the ‘Value of God’”.

The lessons they were to learn .  .  . (Ezekiel 36:210 – how Fiercely Dedicated God was to the Blood of His Son and the vindicating of His Great Name across nations.   He had not been loved well, He had not been valued and appreciated enough and now there was a burning desire in the Heart of God for His Son to be supreme. The training was to go forth on a heart level which would explode and the people would be exhilarated in a way they had never been before, from ‘far to near’ (Job 42:5)– I used to hear with the hearing of the ear, but now I see Him with the seeing of the eyes.  They value His nearness more than their lives!

They valued Him and see Him much BIGGER than they had ever seen Him! There would be such awe in this room of who God was (Isaiah 6) – Wow!  The stature of God!

He would be magnified in them! There was the value of God in people – the knowledge of every good thing that was Christ in them for the sake of others!  Right now, there was a complete, total and utter ignorance of the value of God in every people group, and oh how He wanted to walk in the nations and who He was in His people.  He wanted to show His Forgotten Faces specifically as the God of Hope.  There were many many faces of God to discover in this room, but chiefly in this hour, to National Reformers, there was a Hopeful Face of God.  It so touched me how His face was to be seen!

Then the narrator said to me: “A few good Reformers who knew Him in a fuller way could change the world, and help bring forth the Abandonment Movement with Wisdom.” He was speaking of how across the nations there would be more than a ministry to nations, but a rebuilding of nations through this Hope ‘Miracle Manual’. It was wonderful how this Jesus Movement with Wisdom, (not rules and regulations), but pastoring would come forth so that the miracles would continue to increase.

The Narrator also said that the God of Hope would ‘redefine life’ according to the His nature. His presence in businesses and homes would create whole different atmospheres for growth and miracles to happen.  This was a real invitation for them to the see the great gift of God that was in them and for them to open up ‘Hope Miracles’ in Nations that would reflect all kinds of unique, beautiful and wondrous miracles that we’ve never heard of! These miracles would change nations! All kinds of miracles (physical, emotional and spiritual healing, deliverances); but also uncanny, remarkable and distinctive miracles that I took note of (not to share include now).

There was a “Way of Life” that would come forth from the God of Hope that builds through these National Reformers. This ‘Way of Life’ would build for the youth, who enjoyed building and having responsibilities.  They loved the aspect of work and the reality of ruling ten cities in heaven by having a whole different view of who God was, how to build with Him and turn this into an invitation into intimacy, as God had always intended it to be!

They would change and not be like the older brother in Luke 15 – working with the Father was not a battle or drudgery for them. All things would be good to those who were redeemed!

I then saw lightning bolts come and a shaking, and it brought us to the second classroom, where there were fewer people that were capable to lead the fifty-million into this Face and Value of the God in HOPE.  In the first classroom, there were some who knew how to pull on God and had that direction. But there was not a roadmap for the second classroom.  It had not been perceived in the Christian community as a real value – the value of HOPE!

It was in total void and lack, because the struggle or sorry versus the prosperity of soul and spirit in God (SOARING) had been emphasized. The church had built on ‘repentance’ (rejection, criticalness over sin) versus valuing His Blood, getting over it and becoming ‘sons & daughters’.  They related according to their sins versus His Redemptive Blood.

Only a very few were able to bring forth the value of HOPE. There were only 12 (Bill Johnson of  Bethel in Redding, CA was one, and I saw three or four that I didn’t know).  They were to be the ‘Bringers of HOPE’.  It is a Patriarch’s responsibility to do the Deuteronomy 6 – Proclaim the goodness and the promises of God to your children and then they take over ‘Splendid Cities’. It is easy for them because they believe that God is bigger!

There were the Psalm 78 people on the planet. They did not tell their children the promises because they didn’t see them! They were too focused on the negative and the hardness versus the goodness of God.  They needed to see His leading love versus the rejection!  This is the value of HOPE that the Lord has been speaking to me since 1983! (No permission to perceive the rejection – We must perceive His Leading Love and HOPE in all circumstances and situations).

There were very few that could lead them into COURAGE (which was confidence in God). Courage was a void commodity in the midst of the National Reformers (Joshua 1:9).The Church was to bring hope!

There is an Invitation into this present tense lesson to Reformers in all arenas of life. They would need to make decisions, have whole other conversations, and attack the doubts of the past, along with the cynicism of the past in a radical way! It is going to cause for wholesale change!

The Narrator spoke about the PRESENT CONDITION of Reformers and their call to awaken the Nation to HOPE! This was a picture of ‘Jack in the Beanstalk’, where the mother hid in the back and didn’t want to take her golden seed to use for anything else but buying milk. The Church and marketplace people had drawn back.  But there were Reformers who believed that God was greater! They would have to go through these Classrooms to grab a hold.

They need Hope- marvelous comradery and certainty (like Hague and William Wilberforce) – Jer 32 & 33

This was a call to National Reformers (the Bill Johnson’s and John Wimbers) to come out of the back room (like Esau) and be able to risk and step out and believe in hope! They are being called to 3 things:

1) The Vision for the Nation

2) How to get there (not through socialism or the hand of man, but the hand of God

3) Marvelous Comrades

4) The individuals called to do it.

The Narrator spoke and gave me the example of David at Ziglag. He had major mistakes and could have chosen to live in regret, protected as a king with the empire. This was his opportunity to give up hope, or to step into hope.  The wives and families of these men had been taken into captivity, but David went up to the mountain and saw the Face of God in HOPE and it changed everything! (1 Samuel 30:6)

The Narrator asked how God had strengthened David. The answer was that he showed him, from eternity, how God had led! David was a weaker man than us, and God showed him how He had been there for others (how He parted the Red Sea).  How did they walk in faith?  By the ‘Light of His Presence’! (Psalm 44)  How did all those guys walk in faith?  Also by the Light of His Presence!  God lit up His presence and showed them His face in HOPE and gave confidence!

David came down and all He could see was God’s Face in HOPE! He could not see the discouragement of His men! He didn’t even apologize because He was SO confident in God!  It was not insensitivity!  He stepped into the Promises of God for the sake of his men, women and children. Some were about to see God’s Face of HOPE in David’s eyes!  This is what we are to be!  Like Naomi to Ruth.  They were able to move on, and it will be the same thing!

There were those in the Banqueting Room that could not move on and see God’s Face in HOPE.They would need to be like Joseph, who did not perceive the rejection or give power to the pain, pandering the brokenness, but focused on God’s Face in HOPE and His Leading Love.  They became confident and courageous (having confidence in God) and moved on into the HOPE and GRACE of God.

The Narrator said they could overcome ANYTHING if they just get a glimpse of God’s Face in HOPE in the Grace of God! He said that what had happened in the National Reformers amongst them, was that their courage had been under the clouds!  It had not been vacated completely, but was hidden under the clouds. A ‘Theology of Barrenness’ had come in (God is not near to me in the city, job, church, etc.).

They had gotten impressed with the devil or the circumstances and had not been able to celebrate God's Promises for them in the nations. They had missed Him and did not recognize the Presence of God in all arenas in HOPE!

God was calling forth ‘MOSES’, who recognized the form and moving of God in their lives. His form had been missed by National Reformers!  The Narrator said that they would ‘reactivate the Beauty of God and Purposes of God in the nations by walking into a whole new way of living, and seeing God in a totally different way!  The MIRACLE MANUAL would be opened to these 50-million marketplace people. They would be unstoppable!

The Narrator spoke that it would be appropriate and possible for some to have anger from the past. Every citizen and member of the church from the marketplace has had injustice and has been treated poorly!  They have been poor and dispossessed of opportunities.  This gives them the right to be angry; but there is a DIFFERENT WAY to deal with it.  The Narrator said there was no right to get sinful or depressed – anger is ok when dealt with rightly.  When anger is converted into courage or confidence in God and rebukes the devil even more, you move from blaming to solving and see it as an opportunity to crush the demonic kingdom even more.  If you don’t do that, the Narrator said you would get caught in a trap and consumed with unjustified fears and dependencies that can never come through for you!

The Narrator said, ‘The mistake is made by relying on the consistent care of imperfect men versus depending on the generosity of God and their own God-given gifts, that He has given to be able to cause them to have success in all arenas of life and to bring His Presence.” He said that the National Reformers must fill their needs with God Himself, and give opportunity for God to be God in HOPE in their lives!  (HOPE defined is the expectation for the Goodness of God manifesting now, and also a Good God in the future!)

The Narrator explained that National Reformers must do this now! They were at a critical time of decision and to not decide for this is to not move forward – for the sake of the children, the next generation and the sake of the nations.  Human disaster would happen and it was Watershed time!

The Narrator showed me that there were many Angelic Helpers ready to help. It would be a whole lot easier than what we thought. The Angel of Appreciation, the Angel of Process (I saw five angels total).  The Narrator showed me many who had suffered great injustices or low blows as National Reformers.  He said that ‘men and woman who are skillfully wrought cost a lot!’  It was unfair!  It was unjust!  But we would cripple them if we did not lead them into the Heart of God together! This is the only place where they would get total victory – taking defeat and turning it into victory!

The Narrator said that we must become ‘Marvelous Comrades’ not ‘commiserate Friends’. We are not just to identify with each other’s misery, but draw the best out of each other and sing the song that’s inside of each other’s heart.  We are to move people to look from the blame from the past and the barking dogs of doubt into setting a course into the Heart of God, His HOPE and His Miracle Manual for cities, nations and for our futures! There was a prophetic spirit there, called the Angel of Ascension that would take us above the clouds!

The Narrator asked me if I believed that they are ready to open their hearts again in compartments that have been shut down, have a totally new conversation and ask totally new heartfelt questions about the nearness of God, the Person of God, about who He is, where He dwells, how we worship Him uniquely, and who are we to Him. It was a totally new heartfelt dialogue at the most tender and vulnerable place. The Narrator asked if we were ready to deeply search this out together (Malachi 3:16-17 / Proverbs 25:2).

The Narrator said it could bring out some pain, but there would be so much grace and mercy there to touch it and cause the 50-million marketplace people to go into a place in His Heart as Pioneers. We would go into a place in His Heart, where there would be extreme encounters with the Lord and an Abandonment Movement in the midst of the nations – a Jesus Movement with Wisdom – where hope miracles happened everyday!

The Narrator said, ‘Seeking Him and the True Knowledge of Him as National Reformers would be a day & night, Constant Communion focus. ’We would need to help each other and ask God continually, Who He was in every situation, and how to draw near to Him (who He is in us, how we can worship Him in this moment..) They were not general and far off questions; We would need discipline and tremendous focus day by day! There was to be a 90-Day Commitment to a whole new conversation, a whole new level of building on our knees and seeing His Face of HOPE.

The Narrator also spoke that we were to require this of our YOUTH and invite them into this place. The Narrator said that if we don’t help them to start asking the right questions, then human disaster will happen where they fear the future versus the ‘Sons and Daughters of Issachar’ that understood the times and seasons (Where God is at?  Who is He? How do we worship Him in this? How do we draw near to Him as the God of HOPE in this situation?)

We had to turn from the culture in our church and society that creates dependencies on people and meetings and a few gifts operating to experiencing God in His many Faces and many unique miracles (Ephesians 3:10).We were to go back and look at scripture in a whole new way and understand it differently! (Ax-heads floating, oil being multiplied, fishing on the other side of the boat, etc.)  There were practical miracles we had so missed for Him to feed and care for His people. National Reformers were to find this and write a whole new Miracles Manual.

The Narrator said that if we did not do this and did not show our children, then we were people at risk to become dormant in our faith. A day without miracles is a day that we backslide!  We would be ignoring Him in all of life and become unstable without this true, deep knowledge of Him and how He was moving around us.

The Narrator said that it was time to be bold about moving into this culture that looked for God in every way and dependent on God in every sphere of life (church, marketplace, politics and beyond). The Narrator said that the compassion of the wicked was wrong and created wrong dependencies and false mercy; allowing people to compartmentalize God and live in fear, live in the SORRY place, that leads to devastation!

The Narrator said that ‘True Benevolent Patriarchs’ of the past always condemned the narrowing who God was – giving benevolence without the hard work and the rich personal search of finding God and all of His nearness in all of life; His Diverse Faces and having this responsibility to press into the Nearness of God. This is what John Wimber and different ones said!  (God is in these other places!  You can minister outside of these four church walls!)  The Patriarchs of the past NEVER gave permission to compartmentalize God!

The Narrator said that in this HOPE Classroom, people would learn the ‘right way’ to build prosperity in God. All of the children should be taught and know that they have a right to the Presence of the Lord in ALL THINGS! (Whether school, city, or business); Without giving them these opportunities and perspective, people in the church get destroyed!  In this room of HOPE, we must open up their Unique Worship and validate it, whether it was being a craftsman, a governor in the political arena, and help them with their personal discipline to draw near to God!

The Narrator said that God would give us creative & inventive ways that would not be hard (religious rules or liturgy & concepts) that would just crush people! Instead, He would give us creative and inventive ways, making it a JOY to discover God and to discover their own unique gift to reform and change nations!  They LOVED to build ‘Blue Cities’, like my little boy!  They loved to build it! (i.e. Brother Lawrence committing to love God in all the day).

The Patriarchs find that the ‘yoke is easy’ and the ‘burden is light’. They make it all like a family reunion! Everything would be filled with the Remembrance of God and the Thankfulness of God and all of its celebration!

The Narrator said that PRESENTLY, Heavenly Citizenship and fullness of life was being missed. People were not being given the right opportunities to ‘Wealth Creation’.  The Narrator defined this as wealth for the generations – wealth in God, wealth in the family, wealth in prosperity and business that gave people opportunities for skill sets and resources to come forth. This was wealth where EVERYBODY got to engage in the process of drawing near to God and trusting Him.

The Narrator said there would be ‘New Levels of Wisdom and Counsel’ that would come forth – ‘New Understandings of the Rules of Constant Rising’. The Narrator said that we were always to be rising, going from HOPE to HOPE, from STRENGTH to STRENGTH and GLORY to GLORY. We had misread the Scripture and not understood what it meant to make the ‘Valley of Baca’ a spring!  (We had wanted to be martyrs and made it hard). Could we accept taking our ‘oars out of the water’ (Isaiah 33:21) and Him putting wind in our sails? Or did we have to believe that we still had to do it ourselves?

The Narrator said, “HOPE builds for the generations in the future. ”Something was missing from the church in the past!  There was a building according to Scripture that brings systematic HOPE and renewed minds to families, churches and cities and nations.  Deuteronomy 6 had been lacking – where the Patriarchs were able to develop the people – more than just bless them, but BUILD them in their HOPE! And be able to impart to them a 10-year vision, and a 100-year building plan!

There was a whole new level of Counsel and Wisdom that God wanted to grant the church, the businesses and the nations! We would have to really be willing to change in order to receive it! The Narrator said that change was often met with resistance. This was very evident, like when I taught at the university; They commented on how dumb the kids were – they had all this blaming versus changing! They always met hope with opposition and cynicism!  This brought hopelessness and uselessness!  The Narrator said that the National Reformers had not been much different than that!

The Narrator pointed out some who wouldn’t come into the HOPE Room. They went into the first classroom of the Knowledge of God as the Patriarch and Benevolent One and you would think it would be natural for them to step into the GOD OF HOPE ROOM.  The ones who came in enjoyed the ‘experience’ of God (like a lady I had met in New Zealand) – feel most alive when God is in this room.  Some are more interested when THEY feel most alive (SOS 1:3) versus when HE feels most alive!  She, like others, did not want to come out of the room and ‘pastor the young goats’ (SOS 1:9) because she did not want to ‘risk’.  HOPE brings forth RISK where you can get hurt! HOPE takes you out into the city and she didn’t want to go out into the city!

There is a ‘Dormant Love’ that would never go any further; but is was safe! And the Narrator said that HOPE always involves RISK!  He said that we are going to have to step out into the room where you are going to go out and love those that are hard to love, but you do it rightly with HOPE and you are able to meet their doubt with faith!

The Narrator said there is this place where reaching out, makes us vulnerable, but that HOPE is where you ALWAYS love again and step out AGAIN. Everybody needed to know that they were not going to carry the burden alone, like Esther.  She was so close to God in her bedroom, but then it was confusing to her to meet the God of HOPE, involving risk where she could lose her life! By meeting the “God of Hope” and stepping out of the SOS Chamber, she got nearer to the king, nearer God and the people got delivered!  Esther became strong in HOPE and was able to step out in the days to come to change and reform a society!

The Narrator said that we would learn again, HOW to risk in a safe way in this room. He said that we would be like David inquiring of Saul, what’s the reward of meeting the God of HOPE that he could deliver from the giant?  The answer is that we can get MORE than what we ever imagined!  There was such GREAT REWARD for Reformers in all arenas of life IF they would step out and challenge others to step out and meet the “GOD OF HOPE”!

The Narrator said that there was TOO MUCH pandering to brokenness and pain, which produces inactivity and stifles the beautiful giftedness of individuals. These National Reformers would not be hard on people, but would rush into the battle, like ‘Brave Heart', and be the first ones (not macho).  They would rush into risking everything, but would be confident in God’s Face of HOPE.

They would move from being enslaved to the burdens of the earth! They would be examples like Judges 5 (being oppressed by the Midianites and the twelve tribes).  Some went.  Some didn’t! Some couldn’t make a decision! Deborah took charge and led the way after it (come to help in the name of the Lord!)


There was an UNBELIEVABLE INVITATION to be a part of transforming nations! As National Reformers, many were entering into the Banqueting Rooms. The Narrator was making clear the lessons they would be learning and HOW MUCH SAFETY there was in the Lord as they moved forward in these lessons.  He would protect them!  They would go from SORRY TO SOARING and SURVIVING TO THRIVING!  They would ROAR AGAIN – a 2nd roar that came from the inside-out!

They would step out with such a breakthrough in courage (confidence in God) beyond a renewed faith! They would have a faith for things they couldn’t believe in before.

They would have a lifestyle (Abandonment & Jesus Movement with Wisdom).This would be beyond zeal and duty – but energized by ‘real love’ (God’s Love) and trust in Him! They would see His Face in HOPE and have the ‘Theology of Barrenness and Hopelessness’ broken.  They would break it for others and become ‘PIPELINES’ and ‘HIGHWAYS’ of His Presence to all the arenas of life! Cities & Nations are to be touched and the God of Hope & His ‘Hope Miracles’ !