Loving Yourself: 

Becoming Human

Somehow I too am human. I cry too. I am lonely too. I need too. I need you just as desperately as you need me. On that level we can start communicating and start to learn from each other.


Go to someone and say, “Thank you for being alive.”

We are all so much together in our world, yet we are all dying of loneliness. We don’t even know how to express it or even feel it. We are intimidated by it. We don’t know how to reach out and say, “Look lonely person, take my lonely hand. We can be stronger this way.”


What does it matter that we teach people things, yet we don’t teach people the sacredness of being alive or the dignity and wonder of our own personal self?


Help people  to be human. Nobody teaches you how to be a human being and what it means to be a human being and the dignity of saying that I am a human being. Everyone assumes this is what you have or something you should have gotten by osmosis.


The more I live, enjoy, experience beauty, the greater lover I become. The more I live life, the better idea of where I know I am in regards to love. I also know if I put my hand out, you can give me new perspectives, new strokes, new ideas. Together we can grow to the extent we can altogether realize we are not individual lonely lovers. We are all one, you and me.


There isn’t one person who hasn’t known loneliness. Isn’t that wonderful? There isn’t one person who hasn’t known despair. There isn’t one person who hasn’t cried. But, also there aren’t many that haven’t laughed, of that haven’t known joy. In all those ways, we can communicate we are alike because I’ve known it too. We are all involved in the same struggle: to become fully human, which is the best thing we can become. What a goal!


Henry David Thoreau - “Oh God to have reached the point of death only to find that you have never lived at all.” What a tragedy that life is your prerogative. It’s your right to live. It’s your right to know joy. Rapture is your right as a human being. Don’t leave life without knowing rapture.


The most exciting thing in the world is the potential of being fully human. I can’t be God, but I can be a fully functional human being.


The first thing we’ve got to do to be fully functional human beings is that we’ve got to risk again by saying “I like me.” We’ve forgotten that we cannot give to anyone anything in this world that we do not have; and, therefore, you must concentrate on getting. You must become the most beautiful, sensitive, wondrous, magical, unique, fantastic person in the world. Not just to stand in front of a mirror and see it for yourself, but to be able to say, “I have all of these things so I can give them away and share them with you.”


If I don’t have wisdom, I can only teach you my ignorance.

If I don’t have joy, I can only teach you despair.

If I don’t have freedom, I can only put you in cages.

But, everything that I have I can give away.

So, I dedicate myself to becoming the best me the world has ever known.  


Don’t follow a guru because you’ll get lost. The only way to follow is your way because you know something that maybe you’ve forgotten because nobody has told you this for many years: you are uniquely something that will never occur again in the history of the world. You are that magic combination that will never be again, no matter how exalted you feel or how lowly you feel.


Everyone of you is something unique and special. Everyone of you has something to give that only you can give.


There are people who have studied perception and sensation who know that everyone sees the world in a unique way. The same tree we don’t observe in the same way. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could share that tree and see it in two thousand different ways? Just the concept sends me in orbit!

Yet people constantly say - what do I have to offer? You know what you have to offer? A central piece to the crossword puzzle. That unless you assume that responsibility, that picture will never be complete.

You have something to weave or paint on that tapestry that is uniquely yours.


You are wondrous. You are magical. There is only one you. Next time you pass the mirror, look at it and say, “My goodness! There is only one me! You sweet thing!”


No one has ever been able to find a limit to human potential. You are unlimited in possibilities. The pity in life today is that most of us die before we are truly born. Don’t miss yourself! The people who scream the loudest on their deathbed are people who have never lived.


William Faulkner said, “If I had to choose between pain and nothing, I would always choose pain.” Opposite of love isn’t pain; it’s apathy. It’s sitting around existing in life and wondering why you are bored. If you are bored, you’re probably boring as hell!


All growth involves risk. Go up to someone and say, “Hi how are you?” They might say, “Do I know you?” “No, but wouldn’t it be nice?!” If they say, “No,” just walk away thinking what a pity that they didn’t get a chance to know me because I am so awesome. Then, tomorrow give them another chance! They say, “Do I know you?” again. You say, “Yes - I met you yesterday!”


The whole world is a gigantic mystery that you get to understand. I want to know everything. I want to feel, touch, taste and understand everything. There isn’t time of life to do it all in, so I have got to do it now! We act as if we have forever - “I’ll do that tomorrow.” You never will! Do it now. Don’t wait until tomorrow to tell someone you love them. Do it now. Freak them out. “Hey, I just have something to tell you - I love you.” You think they know that, but do they ever get tired of hearing it?


It all starts with you. You can’t celebrate anyone else in this world without first celebrating yourself. One of the greatest attributes we have is the marvelous attribute of forgiveness: I forgive you for being less than perfect. I will demand that everyone else become perfect when I become perfect, so you are all safe!


So, you celebrate yourself and your humanness with joy, wonder, and magic.  You celebrate others. Oh, the joy of my celebrating you. Aren’t you a miracle?


Most divorces and relationships that could be so beautiful end over stupid, crazy things. Is it worth losing this individual for? Examine it. Usually when you examine it, you laugh. Isn’t it a neat thing being a human being?


We take everything so damn seriously. We’ve forgotten how to laugh. Things are not funny. We’ve forgotten how to be joyous. Worse than that, we’ve forgotten and won’t accept our own madness - let’s face it, each of us is a little cuckoo. Oh, and the joy of getting in touch of that cuckooness again!


One of the reasons of sadness is timed routines. Follow yourself and what you do through the day. One day do it all backwards just for the hell of it. Live nutty. Just occasionally. Just once in a while and see what happens.


Take what could have been mundane and turn it into a little bit of magic. When you feel the insanity rising, don’t push it down. Let it come out. Just once! Let me know what happens. The realization that there is nobody better or worse than we are.  Don’t envy anyone. You are the magic.


Story of an 85 year old man who had just learned he was going to die:

“If I had to live my life over again, I would try to make more mistakes. I would try to not be so damn perfect. I would relax more. I would limber up. I would be sillier. I know very few things that I would take quite so seriously. I would be crazier. I would certainly be less hygienic. I’d take more chances. I’d climb more mountains. I’d swim more rivers. I’d watch more sunsets. I’d burn more gasoline. I’d eat more ice cream and fewer beans. I’d have more actual troubles and fewer imaginary ones. You see, I was one of those people who lived prophylactically, insanely, insensibly, hour after hour, day after day. That doesn’t mean I didn’t have my moments. But, if I had it all over to do, I’d have more of those moments. In fact, I would try to have nothing but wonderful moments side by side. Living the now, not missing the nows. Because that is what life really is: a wonderful series of nows. Not tomorrows. They may never come. Not yesterdays. There’s nothing you can do about it. But, there’s now. Don’t miss it. Everything else is illusion except between what’s happening between you and me now.


I have been one of those people who never went anywhere without a thermometer, a water bottle, a gargle, a raincoat, and a parachute. If I had it to do all over again, I’d travel lighter next time.”


When you have nothing, you have nothing to worry about. Not advocating having nothing, but also not advocating being professional collectors.


If I had my life to live earlier again, I would start barefoot earlier in the spring and I’d stay that way later in the fall. I’d play hookey a lot more. I’d ride more merry go rounds. I’d smell more flowers. I’d hug more children. I’d tell more people that I love them. If I had my life to live over again. But, you see - I don’t. “


This wonderful quality of humanness in all its wonder is God’s gift to you, and what you do with it is your gift to God. Don’t satisfy yourself with anything less than offering God the perfect gift of who you are and have a blast doing it.