The Lion's Second Roar

The Lion’s 2nd Roar – Isaiah 56:7

Building Cities That Love God Well & Hope in Him
In 1983, I had been asking the Lord what the desires of His heart were. His answer came to me in an open vision in a stairwell. The Lord showed me a vision of cities in which God would be loved well in all areas of life. He showed me people who were called “Hope Reformers.” These individuals will rebuild cities and sing the “Song of Wisdom and Hope,” representing the Knowledge of God. These Hope Reformers will have the wisdom and the hope to rebuild cities, and teach others to love the Lord with excellence. They will not only minister the Kingdom of God, but they would build the Kingdom of God. I saw the tools these Hope Reformers would use to advance the Kingdom of God in these cities. With these advanced tools, they would be able to rebuild cities that “love God well and hope in Him” and help others discover the heart of God in every arena of life. In previous encounters, the Lord spoke to me about the discovery of the “forgotten faces of God,” which were areas where we have forsaken the knowledge of the Holy (i.e. The Benevolent face of God, the Builder face of God, the Supplier face of God, the Wise face of God, etc). These Hope Reformers have authority to receive the revelation of God’s heart and will also bring others into such understanding, thus redeeming cities.

More recently, God spoke to me through an encounter, about “The Return of the Kings.” This is a call for these Hope Reformers, who are to be kings and queens of the earth. I saw them rise up to their true identity and calling in God through the Door of Love, Hope and Appreciation. Jesus shoed me that once they received the vision of who they were to be in God, the “Isaiah 56 Reality” happens, where the beasts of the field come to devour the vision. In answer to this attack of the enemy, I saw these kings and queens receive the “Lion’s Second Roar,” (The Authoritative and Ferocious Roar of the Wisdom and Hope of God) It will shatter the enemies schemes and bring transformation in God to their own hearts, to others, to families, to businesses, to cities and to nations. This “Second Roar” is confessing the true nature of God in and through us, through others, through the circumstances of life, and through the promises He has given.

The Return of the Kings
In a visitation from the Lord in 2005, He spoke to me about how the spiritual mothers and fathers. These future kings and queens had been brought by the Lord up to His Holy Mountain and were given joy through a vision in His House of Prayer (Isaiah 56:7). The Lord spoke to me that these future kings and queens had received a vision, like Moses in Exodus 26:30 “Then you shall erect the tabernacle according to its plan which you have been shown in the mountain.”


However, when Moses came down the mountain, what did he come down to? Exodus 32:7-8 describes it this way: “And the Lord said to Moses, “Go, get down! For your people whom you brought out of the land of Egypt have corrupted themselves. They have turned aside quickly out of the way which I commanded them. They have made themselves a molded calf, and worshiped it and sacrificed to it, and said, ‘This is your God, O Israel, that brought you out of the land of Egypt!' The people had turned aside to worship idols!


But did Moses give up? No, he built in the valley the vision he had been shown on the mountain top. The Lord told me that the same would happen to these kings and queens. After the Lord spoke this to me, I saw these kings and queens come down the mountain with the vision and the events of Isaiah 56:9 began to happen (“All the beasts of the field, All the beasts in the forest, Come to eat…”). This represented their mountaintop experience, but when they descended, they lost perspective and chose to focus with their natural eyes on what was happening or not happening around them instead of with their faith eyes, staying fixed on the promise of God. I am aware that this verse (Isaiah 56:9) is about the accusations against the wicked, but in the visit of the Lord that I had, this verse was also about these kings and queens, who were coming into the valley after receiving the vision.


They had been given a vision to see their city love God well and hope in Him, but the ‘beasts of the field’ (worries, worldly concerns and fears) devoured the vision of the Lord. In Exodus 26, when Moses came down the mountain into the valley, the circumstances he faced were devastating. Moses could have easily sacrificed the vision because of the circumstances and completely lost hope. However, he chose to see more with his eyes closed than with his eyes open. He was not blinded by what he saw. He had faith and understood the vision of the Lord would come to pass, even when it did not match the circumstances around him.


The Lord showed me that the spiritual mothers and fathers of the marketplace went down and the beasts of the field came after them. I dreamt that they had been stabbed in the “belly of their ideals and had lost their way. These beasts were able to devour many, and the vision of the Lord was sacrificed. The marketplace people became blind and lacked knowledge, as in Isaiah 56: 10, which says, “His watchmen are blind, they are all ignorant; they are all dumb dogs, they cannot bark; sleeping, lying down, loving to slumber…” They were not able to roar for their dream. Instead, they would sleep with a slumber of sorrow.


They had turned inward and lacked true understanding of God’s plans in the marketplace. Spiritual mothers and fathers had turned to their own way and sought their own gain, security and protection. Many of us had chosen the “Esau Lifestyle”, as spiritual mothers and fathers were giving up their spiritual inheritance in God for physical provision, like Esau. They had gotten into the world and reaching for God was too hard for them. They had become full of doubt, and the only reason the devil was keeping them alive was so that they could spread doubt and unbelief to their children and their grandchildren. However, the Lord had another plan. They would desperately need a recovery program called the “AA Program of Adoration & Asking.”

Restoring the Lost Vision & Coming into the 2nd Roar
The Lord showed me that He would have mercy, as in Hosea 2:14, where he would allure spiritual mothers and fathers into the wilderness and speak tenderly to them there. Those who had a vision from the Lord at one time, but had it devoured, would be given another opportunity to roar with their vision for a second time. They had roared first when they had received their vision, but their vision was based on circumstances falling into place, not on the divine order the Lord. Now He was going to lead them through the “Hosea 2:15 Reality”, turning their valley of challenge into a door of hope, releasing the second roar, based on His nature, not the circumstances.

The 1st Roar came from the “outside”. It was based on circumstances and on “If Everything Goes Right Mentality”. However, the 2nd Roar was like the roar of Shadrach, Meshach and Abed-Nego, when they said “Our God will deliver! But even if He doesn’t, we’re not about to bow to what everybody else bowed to” (Daniel 3:17). These ones would roar for a second time on the basis of an eternal perspective. They were not looking at the promises of circumstances. They were those who would sing the Song of Wisdom and Hope, and were “God’s Pioneers”. They would keep reaching and never stop roaring! If necessary, they knew their bones would cry out for the vision to come to pass, but they believed for each day. They had faith in a BIG GOD NOW! This was the “second roar” of these kings and queens.

The Lion’s Second Roar
Let me tell you my own encounter, where the Lord gave me “the Lion’s Second Roar.” 5 years ago, I had a series of very serious back injuries.  My back explodes, ruptured discs, I am throwing up, my bowels not working, bed-ridden, and I hated my bed! I would have tears streaming down my face; I’m not a bed guy! I’m in this place of challenge that is new to me. I go to a surgeon, and he does an MRI, but didn’t realize I had a back surgery in college, and there was scar tissue, he should have used fluid to see around the scar tissue, but didn’t. So he sees only one disc that needs to be shaved off, so he performs the surgery, but even after surgery I am in tremendous pain still.


But I am not going to quit. This body is going to go where I tell it to go, but there is a point where that doesn’t work. I am in New Zealand speaking at a conference, following through with what I feel like I am called to do. I have had this surgery but I’m not better, the pain is like a toothache times 10, exhausted by 10 in the morning, now it’s a year and a half into it. I’m rubbing my leg the whole time, not even realizing it, sick to my stomach. A surgeon in the audience sees this, and gives me a thorough examination, and finds I have 3 more discs that are cutting into your sciatic nerve and have been for a few years, now there is permanent damage, and scar tissue has formed around the sciatic nerve like barnacles. The surgeon tells me, “You can’t leave New Zealand, you need another surgery,” and he performed another 4 ½ hour reconstructive surgery, not even sure it will be successful because of scar tissue.


I get back to the US, and I’m lying in my bed, just trying to get through. At 9pm at night I go to the prayer room, and I find Isaiah 56, and it talks about v7- I’ll take you to the mountain like Ex 26:30- Moses was given a plan for deliverance for several million people- will make you joyful and give you a vision on this mountain. When I first started my journey in the Lord, I started to get a vision of what life would be like, how I would touch others, cities and nations with others. Now I’m in a place where this vision is being challenged. Then in v9, it says, all the beasts of the field come to devour the vision. At the end of Is 56, says all become greedy for gain, watchmen become blind. What is it speaking of? Moses gets the vision on the mountain, and he comes down to an orgy and they are making a golden calf. But what he sees on the mountain he builds in the valley, and that is what confessing does for us.

The Power of Confessing the Nature of God
I said, no, I will not become greedy for gain, self-protection, survive, get it done, pass through and survive. In that front row, I said, no, I’m going to roar again, not in my self-strength, but with the promises of God over 4 areas- confession is to say what God is saying about 1) your relationship with him 2) others 3) circumstances 4) promises.


Get very specific, who God is through me. I am to walk out all the attributes of Jesus that I can. There are many to be blessed by me, but few to be built through me. Ask Him, what part of His nature does He uniquely want to reflect through you on this earth? There is only one you on the earth, and how does he want to reflect himself through others around you?


Before my children were born, I had dreams about them. My son I dreamt would be the tin-man in the Wizard of Oz, a noble one with a noble tender heart, so I started to confess that, and he is that times 10. My oldest daughter was to be like the scarecrow who was Dorothy’s chief adviser and counselor. She has been like that to me; she has been older and wiser than me all the days of her life. So I started to confess that, AmyAnn will be wiser than me, and she will lead me. At 8 years old, she sat in on my public speaking class I taught at a university, and she took the test and scored the 5th highest grade in the class! It’s not about her, but the nature of God in her and through her. My Taylor, I dreamt was to be the cowardly lion made courageous, that she would be the lover, and she has been the greatest lover I have ever seen. One day I passed outside my son’s room, and saw Taylor sitting outside the door crying, and I asked her, “Taylor why are you crying?” And she said, “Because Jed is crying.”

So, I confess in that prayer room, that I’m not backing down from who God wants to be in me for the sake of others. People get a wrong definition of humility. I’m just a servant, I’m nothing. No, you are going to be everything you want to be through me. Yes, I am a servant, but I am not nothing, He died that I might be a new creation and he might live through me. True humility is saying what God says about you. I declare that you will be who you are called to be in me. I will fight and win by lying down if I have to. I will fight and win using my littlest weapons, the children, if I have to, it just looks different. Then I start to confess who God is going to be in the people around me, then I confess some realities in our circumstances, the promises He has given us, not name it and claim it, but the real promises from the living God.

Confessing the Promise of 50 Million Hope Reformers to come forth
I’m starting to roar in that front row. I roar with who God is to be in our promises. 50 million who are to be Hope Reformers.  So many know how to minister the kingdom, but there are few who know how to build the kingdom. It’s a completely different reality. So many know this compartmentalization between ministry and building out who God is in all of life, an integrated view of God. So I confess, this promise of 50 million reformers like Hague, who was a peasant out in a field in Norway, (only a priest could look at a bible) it was poverty stricken at that time.  All of a sudden he gets revelation of Luke 15 God who loves to build out life and partner with you, he gets inspired to have a living relationship with God and change a nation. He goes from town to town yarns and knits as he goes to pay his travels, and he ends up starting 4 industries that help change Norway, and sows freedoms into the Norway constitution they are still running on today. He was a reformer. They just reformed their first 2 amendments.  We spoke to them; your constitution is going to be reformed. Any time you challenge the present status quo the cynics rise up. They always seem to add so much to the culture they steal from the strength and we must never give in to it, so wise and so miserable! That night in that prayer room, I began to confess and live out those promises of those and help to see 50 million who really understand what it looks like to have nations that are radiant in hope, that really understand what families that are radiant in hope look like, businesses who are radiant in hope.  

I walk out that night and have a picture of a lion roaring again, that’s me. I walk out at 11pm at night, and this man runs up to me and says, "Bob Hartley, I have driven 5 hours to bring you something." He says I knelt down over a canvas and poured paint out of a Styrofoam cup and had the Lord lead my hand for you, and he pulls it out, and it’s a lions head. I look at it continually and confess who He is in me, in others around me, in the circumstances I am in the midst of, and confess the promises.

Romans 12:2 – Confession; Surrender & True alignment with God (do not be conformed)
1 John 1:9-  Confession; Come into the light and see the truth of God. We must come in to the light and stare into who He is, & the way He loves.

“Jesus, I’ll be like you because you are in me. I will love that Samaritan women who had 5 wives and living with one who was not her husband.
I will be like You and not stone that adulterous woman.
I’ll see where I haven’t loved.
I’ll do the 2 Corinthians 7:9-11 which talks about true repentance, with diligence.
There is a diligence in confession that has to happen. We attack the areas of hopelessness or where we are not like Jesus. I don’t mind seeing where I’m living in sin, because then it’s an invitation to have Him come in us to be more like Him. This  gives us the freedom to be like Him. Confession is appraising and measuring yourself against God. It really goes deep and cleanses and changes our behavior and activity.


Isaiah 2:2 (KJV) And it shall come to pass in the last days, that the mountain of the Lord's house shall be established in the top of the mountains…
Isaiah 11:11 (KJV) And it shall come to pass in that day, that the Lord shall set his hand again the second time to recover the remnant of his people, which shall be left…
Acts 3:21 (KJV) Whom the heaven must receive until the times of restitution of all things, which God hath spoken by the mouth of all his holy prophets since the world began.