Hopeful Questions

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Ask a Hopeful Question, get a Hopeful Answer!


The following is a starter list of questions you can ask God to receive His "right now" revelation to you. You do not have to do all of these, or do them in any order--just find one that the Holy Spirit prompts you to ask and wait on Him.  Go where He takes you!

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  • Hope in God Question: “Ask Me what you mean to Me and My heart?”

  • Hope in God Question: “Ask Me what do I value in our friendship?”

  • Hope in God Question: “Ask Me what I see about My nature in you?”

  • Hope in God Question: “Ask me what I like about this season of our relationship?”

  • Hope Question: "Ask Me why you exist."

  • Hope in God Question:  "Ask me how I have been there with you there at all times, in life and business, even when It has not seemed like I was there in the past, and how am I there now?"

  • Hope in God Question: "Ask Me if you underestimate Me?"

  • Hope in God Question: "Ask Me how to rightly view your ability to succeed?"

  • Hope in God Question: "Ask Me how can we build together?”

  • Hope in God Question: “Ask me if I want to be generous to you, and how?"

  • Hope in God Question:  "Ask Me what are the most important parts of My nature that I want to show you in this season?"