John Wimber and Jack and the Beanstalk Dream

 I dreamed a magnificent dream right after John Wimber died. This dream was beyond one of those 3D pictures, it was really inscribed on my soul.

John Wimber was sitting at the end of the stage with his feet hanging over, very patriarchal, and thousands of men and women were in the room who were John’s “sons"--the ones to carry on his mission.  John told them: “Only the first part of the mission was accomplished while I was here. I was Jack, and I went up the beanstalk." Now Jack had risked everything and the mother was scared in the back room wanting security and comfort, to live and die with physical provision. This would have satisfied her, but not really. So Jack trades the cow for the golden seed and climbs up the stalk. He takes back the harp but also a hearing aid. (Jer.33:3). This is God's promise that there would be an abundance of healing and hearing. In my dream John Wimber said: “It was just the first part, not necessarily the completion, of the message. Now that I’m gone, they were going further into the passage of Jeremiah 33.” I did not know at the time that Jer.33 was John Wimber’s life passage.