The Hope Hearing Room

Welcome to the Hope Hearing Room! 

This is where we learn how to hear His Voice in Hope and speak the truth in love.  In this room we encounter, adore, and magnify the God with a Hopeful Voice, and we see His Face as the One who Speaks to Guide Us.  In the Hope Hearing Room, you ask the Lord hopeful questions about yourself and your life.  You ask the Lord questions on behalf of others.  God asks us to ask His Hopeful Questions on His Heart!  Questions like:

  • “Ask Me what you mean to Me.”  

  • “Ask Me what I love about our friendship."

  • "Ask Me about the hopes and dreams I have for our relationship.”

  • “Ask Me how I want to help you to open up and unpack this gift called life.”


Asking the right questions leads to revelation, which is why Jesus often asked questions.  The highest form of love is to listen to someone's heart.


“Come near to listen…”

– Ecclesiastes 5:1

One thing I have desired of the Lord… to behold the beauty of the Lord,

and to inquire of His heart…

- Psalm 27:4 

THE COUNSEL TABLE OF THE LORD.  Asking is about coming before the Lord at His counsel table and inquiring of His heart. He wants to create an ongoing dialogue and process with us because if He gave us all the answers immediately, then the dialogue wouldn’t happen. He loves the process of unfolding His heart.


For who has stood at the Table of the Lord, and has perceived and heard His word?

– Jeremiah 23:18

At this place, we inquire of God’s heart. We have adored the right faces of God in the right time. Now, we sit at His table. We look Him in the eyes. We commune with Him. We get to tell Him how much we feel for him, how much we long for Him, how much we desire Him. We hold His hands. We reflect on how much He’s been there, how much He’s been our dearest friend.  We look at Him as our Wise Counselor, and our authority over all the earth. We ask Him questions, and He gives us answers.  We come to Him at this table sitting together arm and arm. We experience His transforming power. By gazing into His likeness, we become like Him.

NEW HEARING AIDS.  In order to be forces of Hope in our cities and nations, Jesus hands us new hearing aids of hope in the Hope Hearing Room.  He puts them on us and so we can hear Him rightly--his laughter, His joy, His Hopeful solutions.  We hear in hope, pray in hope, and suddenly things start to change because we're participating with Him.  We hear His heart, His confidence, His Patriarchal Hope.  We hear His voice of nurture and love instead of fear--He doesn't feel fearful about the future or the pathway.  He challenges us to speak and be Hopeful Reformers as He is and was.

NEW EYEGLASSES.  In the Hope Hearing Room, Jesus also hands us new eyeglasses to replace the big, blurry coke-bottle type glasses we had.  We adore Him and see Him for who He is so we get brand new vision from the Lord.  God longs to open up our eyes so we see Him rightly.  He says, "Stop looking at circumstances and seeing the challenges first, and instead see the eyes of Jesus.  He holds the world in His hands.  He has Supreme Power and Authority over all that is needing His touch."   He wants to enable us to see success in Him for future years.

The journey of intimacy and wisdom with Him comes from the place at the Hope Hearing Room table where Jesus the Wise Counselor is there. His angel of appreciation is there that appreciates us, values us. He tells us we’re highly esteemed at this place, and our hearts become secure. He tells us how to move forward in this time, in this hour.  He takes us deeper at this table to perceive what He’s told us, to get the importance of the questions and answers He has for us in this time, and to bring us to a greater level of certainty.


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Hopeful Questions

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New Hope Hearing Aids

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Hope Eyeglasses

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Hope Prayer