His Heart's Desire Room

Welcome to the first room of the Yellow House! 


His Heart's Desire Room is the place where we bless the

Lord at all times, bringing Psalm 16:2 into being.  In this room, we

learn to love, value, appreciate, and adore His heart.  


I said to the LORD, “You are my Lord; apart from You I have no good thing.”  (Ps. 16:2)


Isaiah 48:20- Shout it through us! 

Declare it with a shout of joy, proclaim it, let it go out to the ends of the earth, saying, “The LORD has redeemed His servant Jacob!”


In this room, Jesus' heart was radiant, red, rich, and beating right out in the middle of the room. The first time I went into the room, there was no one in there.  Then the second time I went in, the room was full.  I asked God how it happened and He was crying with joy as He said, “It was you.  You led them here.” 


Then Jesus said, “My people have become like Moses where they won’t go anywhere without My heart. They want to be men and women who stir themselves to take hold of me and vindicate the greatness of My Holy Name in the cities." He was so overwhelmed by their love. 

We bless God's heart. He is our portion, cup, and inheritance.  When I walked into the room, I heard myself say to Jesus, "This is the room where I receive the greatest treasure which I have desired more than anything... Your heart." Jesus was so touched and moved by this.  I knew that if I could stay in this place always, I would never give up, for the sake of God's heart.


If we stay focused on God's heart, He will always be greater than our issues.  He cares about all our problems, yet compared to His greatness, all problems shrink down into the palm of His hand.  As He speaks to us about the supremacy of who He is and how He is changing  the earth, our directions, priorities, and focus completely change.   We are positioned to rightly respond to all situations in the right way. 

This is what we desperately need!  Come, take His hand...



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His Heart's Desire is Me

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Friendship with God

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Partnering with God

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His Desire for Cities and Nations