The Face of God

Who Recovers All

“The Face of God Who Recovers All”

1 Samuel 30 Commentary

"And David recovered all that the Amalekites had carried away: and David rescued his two wives."

-1 Samuel 30:18


Three days after fighting a great battle, David and his men came back to the town of Ziklag and were ready to celebrate. They found that the Amalekites had crushed Ziklag and burned it to the ground (v. 1). He looked before him at all of his children, all of his family, and all of the men’s families. They had been taken into captivity (v. 2-3). The men weep, and David weeps. They weep until they can weep no more (v. 4). They were very bitter because they come over the hill, and they see all this.


In the past, David has had a tough time. He sent Uriah, one of his most loyal men, to the front of battle to die. He pulls the troops back, and lets him get killed. I don’t know what I would feel if my best man gets killed. Then he gets his wife; he has a baby with his wife; and the baby dies. I wonder what Bathsheba felt - “this guy killed my husband to get me” - what does God do? He recovers all. The next baby is Solomon, and Solomon builds one of the greatest kingdoms.


Jesus and His Father lost everything. They lost their whole family, and they lost the whole earth. They lost all the governments and everything. Then, they recover all. They begin their way to recovery in Genesis 3, and they enact a plan immediately. Then, we as believers get to participate with Him in losing but then recovering all.


So, anyway, David and his men were in great danger. The people were going to stone him. David had enough. He strengthens himself in God (v. 6). That’s no small statement. Among all this confusion, all this darkness, all this oppression, he strengthens himself and remembers God. We can have challenges where we forget God or don’t look to Him, but David remembered.


David goes to Abiathar the priest and says, “Give me the ephod. I need a word from God” (v. 7). He decides to go hunt down the Amalekites (v. 9).


In this passage, David shows us how to lead and how to be kings. He had sorrow, but he had sorrow with hope.  He values the word of God over his own feelings. David had dared to believe and utter these incredible words - “I am going to recover everything” (v. 8). Impossible words.


David ran into that camp with the four hundred that had the energy to go with him. Two hundred didn’t (v. 10). He ran into the camp. He has this hopeful vision in his head. As a man thinks, so he is (Prov. 23:7). He makes a hopeful vision.


I can imagine - David sees his children running out from behind the rocks, and he sees them shouting, “Daddy” (v. 19). He sees his wives running to him (v. 18). He sees the Amalekites scattering (v. 17). He sees the treasure (v. 20). He sees all his men receiving back their families (v.19). He recovers everything: the herds, the flocks, and the shepherds. The children jump into his arms with these joyful, tearful embraces.


These ones that wanted to kill him (v. 6) go into the camp; and they say, “The plunder belongs to David!” (v. 22). They start fighting for David. They are fighting for the very one that they hated.


Nothing was lost. He sees farther than that. He sees that he has enough that he gets to be benevolent (v. 24). He gives to the two hundred that don’t go with him (v. 21). Then, he gives to thirteen cities that had nothing to do with his victory (v. 27-31).


Then they make David king. In less than thirty-six hours, he’s king.




Through God, we get to recover all. We recover all that we have lost. All of these different areas where we have experienced loss, God wants to speak to us of His love and plans of recovery.


We all know the loss of dignity we can feel, our own pain, and betrayal. There are impossible words, like the ones He gave David, that He is bringing us to lead us into incredible moments of joy. There will be fulfillment of prophecies, where nothing would be missing.


God wants to recover people's’ purposes and give it back to them. There is nothing in our lives that he cannot recover. There’s this place where there is this thing called audacity: absurd hope and faith.


A time capsule is opening for the treasures of the dark to come forth, things we haven’t seen before. A place where we get visions of God where we not only hear but we see. We gaze on Him and we go out with exceedingly great joy. A place where people regain original design and are crowned with honor and majesty no matter what situation they are in. A place where futures will be restored, where from now on - “be it done to you according to your faith.”


We can look into people's’ eyes and feel doubt, feet the past; but God gives us words to encourage each other while it is still today. We can’t come into this place with doubt and leave with doubt.


God told me, “Isn’t it hard to be miserable? Isn’t it hard work to be unhappy? Isn’t it hard work to hold a grudge?” God is not going to stop until we are happy and hopeful, so we might as well deal with it.


He wants to bring us to a place where we are not overcome but we overcome. We delight in our circumstances because we know God is working it out for good. Our minds become full of palaces of gold and light. There is an aroma of celebration, joy wisdom, hot honey from above coursing through our minds and bodies. There is a time of transition where we go from wounded and weary to willing, and our latent greatness comes forth


He is God who recovers all! We get to go back to our memories and see the goodness of God, where He recovers our past. We see according to the direction of God, and our vision receives divine imagination.


Delight is being the sparkle in somebody’s eye. We think of our loss or our failure and we say, “What about in this area?” He is delighted in that area. Sometimes we quit going to the I-love-you room. But, He wants to give us a rose - His desire to tell us how much He loves us/ who we are to Him in the moment.


We can recover from financial failure and from tremendous loss. We didn’t choose the suffering, but we get to fellowship with Him in it. Not sorrow with heaviness but sorrow with hope. Sometimes we get wounded at the core. We have to know His comfort in times like this. We won’t be alone, but we will have love and hope.


The Beatles sang, “Yesterday my troubles seemed so far away. Now it looks as though they’re here to stay. Oh, I believe in yesterday.” You become not half the man you are supposed to be by dwelling on yesterday, but we walk into the future and see it in a restored way. We will not allow our personal tragedies or failures to define our identity. We are not the choices we made. We are not the setbacks of yesterday. We are not the past. We might have been hurt, but we are not irrevocably broken. We might have been victimized, but we are not eternal victims.


We see the face of God of Restoration - look what He has restored! When we have broken hearts, He hold our faces with delight.


God takes deep disappointment, and there’s incredible ways to recover from loss and pain that we have suffered. We can recover a meaningful life.


Psalms 139 says He died to fashion this wondrous reality in us, human beings created in His sight. We better treat ourselves like that! We are more than overcomers in Christ. God might allow us to be knocked down by a battle, but we win the war.


Past is past. When we give it to Him, He will recover it for us. We get free. He will show you where He was in the past, so as to not to live out the wrong past and end up not restoring our futures. We lose our future if we live in the disappointment in the past.


He will have power to take double shame and turn it into double honor, take curse and turn it into blessing, loss into gain. He wants to recover callings where people have lost hope in callings. He died for our callings.


He wants to recover all about you - don’t think another minute of bitterness. Faith will always find a way. Faith is not an intangible word, but itt’s delight. Never leaving that place of delight.


We repeat like David, “I can recover all. I will recover all.”


1 John 5:4  

"..For everyone born of God overcomes the world."