ACTS- 4 Steps to Trust

God wants us to doubt our doubts. He wants to be the Healer of our deepest heart’s questions and deliver us from second guessing Him. 


Today, it is normal and accepted to live in doubt. This puts people into ‘Haggai Prisons of Self Concern’. I saw that there is an addiction worse than heroine, the most destructive disease of doubt addiction & is just as wrong! It is more harmful than an alcoholic bringing destruction to a family. One Doubt Addict in the room is disastrous for children, extended family, businesses, etc. The enemy is excited about keeping Doubt Addicts alive in their prison of Doubts so that they will spread their doubt to all that were around them and into the city.  


I saw some who were living in the “Woe is me / Business is going down Understanding.” They thought a better business than their's would come, or that the Lord wanted them to have a little less and that He was not be so concerned about their stuff. However, God did have Kings that He wants to prosper mightily in these seasons. They will become Issacharians who can hit the ‘curve balls’, take the Desert, and make it Bloom.

How can this be accomplished? We just need the proper Eyeglasses and  we must go through God's 4 Step Recovery Program, the 4 Steps to Trust God! We need corrective lenses, corrective vision to be able to see in faith vs. seeing in doubt.

The 4 Steps to Trusting God

#1 Adoration
This is Adoration on a whole different 2 Samuel 6-7 Level. There are those who are in love with being in love, but have not identified the specific Faces of God. They must discern the Face of God in their life. We must be able to discern unique seasons we are in. We must be able to magnify God and Adore Him in the place of our deepest groan.


This unlocking of the Adoration Pillars Room is the place of 2 Chronicles 20 where worship and magnifying God came in their greatest pain and they destroyed the enemy. This is a whole different level of Identification Prayer with God’s heart with sensitivity to His specific person. It is not adoring Him as a general & distant force. We must do the spiritual work to cultivate this discernment of God’s heart. It’s like a marriage, for it takes work to understand your wife’s or your husband’s heart. The next step in Adoration is Understanding His Heart, the Times and Seasons, being able to hit the ‘curve balls’. We must run to God & adore Him through it all, even when it doesn’t make sense.

#2 Proclamation & Confession
We must Proclaim God’s and our Position vs our Perceived Condition. In Psalm 66, it says to ‘shout out loud’! There is a place of mighty proclamation (warring) for your love for someone and your love for their perspective when the enemy comes and accuses them.

I’ve been many years with Mike Bickle and seen many friends accuse him. It has made me like a tiger to rise up and shout all the louder about the reality of this human being and the heart that he has. I could have been swept into their perceptions of who he was and the mistakes he had made in the past. But it was all a lie. I had a dream where the Lord walked up to me and said, ‘You can’t go wrong with Mike in the long run.” This has been my proclamation in power and is absolutely right!  The enemy always love to pull down leaders, our God included. We are not going to let this happen. This is what our Proclamation does!

#3 Thanksgiving
Thanksgiving is power, it is life and death. Without remembrance of God’s Goodness, the enemy gets to pound on what we perceive that we lack (i.e. relationships). Thanksgiving gives us that place where (our ‘foolish hearts do not get darkened’ because we quit giving thanks – Romans 1:20). One of the greatest sins is ‘forgetting’, not having cultivated ‘spiritual memory’ in our lifestyles. Our lifestyles are creating this GAP, because we do not have the time to stop and give thanks.

#4 Supplication
Supplication is the ‘Remedy of All Wrongs’. It is the place where we cast our burden on Him and He really moves on our behalf. There is such power before His Throne when we get in the place of True Supplication. Seeing the needs of others would be the remedy for wrongs. (1 Kings 18).