Encounter: The Cubby Hole

At 12 years old, I (Bob Hartley) had a special hiding place in a "Cubby Hole" underneath a stairwell. It was in Fort Collins, Colorado that I encountered God in a such radical way that changed the course and direction of my life forever. It was in this place that God gave me a prophetic Blueprint for my life... and revealed that He has one for each of us.

In the Cubby Hole, I used to pretend that God was my best friend.  Even though I was an obnoxious child, who was fighting my own stuff, I pretended that God liked me anyhow, and that God would look past my faults to see me in a different light. I would pretend that God was a Good Father that would smile and squeeze me and take me into the wonderful inheritance that He had for me.  As a small Catholic boy, I only knew the severe and distant God.  But I spent time pretending that God was Good and had a good plan for my life... And found out that He did!

God our Good Father (Luke 15)

As I continued pretending that God was real, and my friend, one day He showed up big time... and I saw God!  All of a sudden I wasn’t pretending anymore, as God's Presence filled that place!  My perspective was shifted and I saw a "Healed and Expanded View" of all of life.  I later came to categorize these in 5 ways, A Healed and Expanded View of:

  • God

  • Self

  • Other people

  • Cities and Nations

  • The future


I went from looking at God as "God the Policeman" to "God my Friend"!

God Spoke

Then God spoke to me...“Who told you I was not loving and kind?”  “Who told you that I did not want to forgive you?”  ...“I have plans for you!”

I then knew the Truth: that God had always loved me and adored me as His son.  That I had always belonged to the Lord.  That I had meant everything to the Lord.  This is the way He sees His children.  He tells us in Luke 15, but it became real to me.


God's Blueprint

God then spoke of a future for my life, and I wrote out His plan.  It was 80 pages at the age of 12!  This plan has continued to unfold through the years. I am still walking it out in my life today.  And it was correct!

The Invitation into a Lifestyle of Adoration of God

This invitation from God into Adoration started me on a journey into God that I had never known before.  I  knew that I had a place on the planet, and an important place! I was not powerless, but a powerful little boy with a future! I was like David, a Lover of God my King, and I beheld God as a GREAT BIG GOD!

Vision of Hope Centers

God also revealed the future.  How He always had a plan to prosper the future that was above whatever darkness the enemy had contributed.  He always had a winning move. My spirit shouted with the God of the “trump-card” for others!  He is our God of Hope! (Romans 15:33)

Then I saw ‘Adoration’ – ‘Revelation’ – ‘Promise of the Knowledge of God’ – ‘Marveling at God’ Hope Centers’. These were places where everyone would be invited to have the healed and expanded view of God. (Joshua 4)  We were to build hope centers around the world which would be bases of this new view of God, filled with advanced tools to advance our hearts in hope!  God has so much for the world that we cannot imagine.  "No eye has seen, nor ear heard what He has in store for those who love Him an dare called according to His purposes."