The Comfort Room

Corner 4-

Comfort For Failing Ourselves


Comfort is a gift from God. In this last Corner, we let Him comfort us about ways we've failed ourselves. Sometimes residual grief persists because we've just not lived up to who He's made us to be.  We have allowed Him to tell us who we are and that He sees us with His Eyes of Appreciative Love.  But now we need to forgive ourselves and let Him comfort us that we will use our tools of Hope Hearing and Hope Seeing to start anew and bring that fullness in.  


Without grieving ways we've let ourselves down, there are false expressions of who we are, fragmented into many pieces.  But Jesus wants us to have inner wholeness that enables us to stay true to our extraordinary original design.  

Our ‘Original Design’ is spelled: Glorious, Giant, Gracious, Gentle, Gratitude, Generous, Insight, Inexpressible, Indomitable, Interesting, Intelligent, Individual (but not alone), Inner Indivisible Peace, Exciting, Enjoyable, Endearing, Enduring, Energetic, Faithful, Fighter, Fortitude, Fascinating, Fantastic Fulfillment.

Put this all together and you have Conquering Hope even for the times you've not been true to who He called you to be.  He is ready to move us on to levels of Hope we've not even tasted yet--about His dreams for a Reformation and His children bringing Him the fruit on a silver platter of what they've done for their cities and nations. 


But before we move wholly into that identity, the last step is to make sure there are no foxes or fissures about our past, or tethers to false ways we view ourselves, our capacity to love Him and  be true to who He's made us.



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