The Hope Hearing Room

Corner 4-

Hope Prayer

In the last Corner of the Hope Hearing Room, you learn how to pray in hope, having heard His Hopeful voice.  You have received Hope Hearing Aids and Hope Eyeglasses.  You have adored the God of the Hopeful Voice, and asked Him hopeful questions to hear hopeful answers.  Now you are ready to pray in hope!


Most of the world is not praying in hope.  Some are praying out of religion.  Prayer is reduced to a formality, a ritual, a holy institution.  For some it's only when bad circumstances come, for protection, aid, or help.  Even for many of us, prayer is a habit or list of needs, others' needs.  All of these are better than no prayer at all, but what about the God who created prayer?  Why did He do that?  What was in His divine heart?

Encountering and Relating to Him.  God tells us to pray to encounter Him.  We must love Him enough to focus on His Voice!  First you wait on Him and ask Him what's on His heart.  You tell him what's on yours and listen to His responses.  Then you encounter and pray with Jesus, the One you now know, the One whom you've heard speak.  You raise your thanks, praise, adoration, requests, and challenges before Him believing He's with you.. because HE is. 


He always will speak HOPE to you.  You pray out of love, not fear.  You watch and listen to Jesus as He is attentive to you and answers your prayers.  You wait for the Hope Answer, believing and praying for it to come.  Then you celebrate with joy and thanksgiving when it does! 

The Hope Prophetic 

You will see others the way God sees them and can pray or prophesy out of this Hopeful View.  ​For some, the prophetic is a new concept. We must remember that it is really simple and clear. The prophetic is God speaking His mind to us and us hearing and responding to Him. The prophetic allows us to see God for who He really is and allows God to be known, heard and understood.

As we cultivate a life of Constant Communion with God, we truly begin to see and know Him for who He is. As this happen, we begin to understand the value of human beings in His sight. We learn to hear the heart of God not only for ourselves, but for the sake of others. The Hope Prophetic puts worth and value on others. We begin to see prophetically what God sees in them. They are specific and direct and act as a springboard for enabling a believer to focus on hearing the heart of the Lord in specific ways.

Right Seeing and Hearing comes through the filter of the Nature of God. It’s about His Nature and Heart. It is not about you saying the “right words.” It is about you being an aroma and carrying His Presence. You must reproduce and reflect Him.

The most important reality of the prophetic is to reflect the nature of God and who He wants to be to the person you're praying for. It takes hours to get into that place in His Heart. The first reality when we hear His Voice is often black and white--meaning you hear the critical reality of a situation. This is always true, but then He says, “Now go with the spirit of understanding and search My Heart out... It is not about the situation, it is about My Heart!”

Right Asking leads you to intimacy with God.  If the prophetic does not lead you to intimacy, but it leads you to promotion, then it is not good. You should be led into the Heart of the King. Do not lose the “David in the field" to become “King David,” or you will lose your life and your way. Instead, stay in the field, playing your harp, and if you become a king, never be a king in your mind.  Jesus never let himself be a king. 

Remember prophecy is not about recognition, but intimacy. You are the poor one who can save the city, yet no one remembers your name.  It is the intimacy that you experience when you appreciate His Voice with others. I say: “Would you consider this .  . .”  then I leave and I experience intimacy with God, walking hand in hand with Him, experiencing His Love for another human, and how He appreciates and loves them.

Right Asking leads to affection towards people.  Do not lose affection in your heart for people, which can be easy after a lot of ministry.  There is an affection that God wants to release to people through the prophetic. The new prophetic will be solidly rooted in the nature of God's goodness and sweet communion with Him.


Hope Hearing Prayer is the ONLY WAY TO GO!  When His Bride is praying this way, His heavenly purposes burst forth!  His Bride is radiant and adorned with His radiant purposes.  Hope prayer brings His Hopeful solutions to the earth because we are filled with the confidence and wisdom and resources we need to make it happen--and are partnering with Him, adoring Him, as they do.

We have more on the Hope Prophetic, if you click on the "Teachings" tile below!

Practical Application: 

On a piece of paper, or in your journal, list your Hope Challenges.  What blocks you from praying in hope and love?  List any circumstances, doctrines, or teachings which the Lord brings to mind.  Ask Him what He thinks about each one.  Take your time.  Hear the Hope Answer. 




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