The Hope Hearing Room

Corner 2-

Hope Hearing Aids

Hearing Aid

In Corner 2 of the Hope Hearing Room,  you will receive new Hope Hearing Aids to Hear His voice in Hope!  These equip you to hear rightly so you become a force of hope in cities and nations.  You'll hear His joy, laughter, and hopeful solutions.  You'll hear the Holy Spirit untwist unhopeful things you have heard or been taught in the past.  

“In that day I will restore the fallen tent of David. 

I will repair its gaps, restore its ruins, and rebuild it as it used to be, 

that they may possess the remnant of Edom and all the nations that bear My name,”

declares the LORD, who will do this.…   

-Amos 9:11-12

Jesus has such wild dreams for the planet!  But the enemy is a Hope-Stealer.  At any given time, we can't perceive them.  We literally feel like nothing good can come to pass--or persevere, to change the earth.  Yet Jesus didn't think this way.  

One time I had a dream of Amos 9:11-12, where a room opened up as in the Upper Room of Acts 1 and 2.  In this new Upper Room the Second Upper Room, the Lord proclaimed Amos 9 that He would glorify His name in the nations of the earth and restore it for Jesus.  But we needed tools to do it.  We needed the Counsel Table of the Lord where we hear His heart.  We needed the Porch Swing where we talk to Him easily, as a friend.  We needed Hopeful Questions where our hearts humble themselves and bend to His narrative.  

Luke 24:28-32-  

As they approached the village where they were headed, He seemed to be going farther. 

But they pleaded with Him, “Stay with us, for it is nearly evening and the day is almost over.”  

So He went in to stay with them. 

While He was reclining at the table with them, He took bread, spoke a blessing and broke it, and gave it to them. 

Then their eyes were opened and they recognized Jesus—and He disappeared from their sight.  

They asked each other, “Were not our hearts burning within us as He spoke with us on the road and opened the Scriptures to us?

He is always wanting to go further with us!  He's not walking on to leave us, He's walking on so we will come on His journey!  It's over the globe, to put His footprints over the earth.  He wants to open the Word and stay with us if that's what with Him.  We bend with Him as He leans into us. 


He asks us to put on Hope Hearing Aids and Hope Eyeglasses--the tools of Adoration and Asking.  This Hope Room is like where the disciples limped up in loss and despair but when He came into the Room and saw Him, they saw His face and everything changed.  It secured and advanced their hearts in the day.  He walked alongside them on the Road to Emmaus and heard His heart, and it burned within them.  They became unshakeable in that place, relying on the God of Hope to guide them through their commission to the nations!


Psalm 44:3 -

For by their own sword they did not possess the land,

And their own arm did not save them, 

But Your right hand and Your arm and the light of Your presence, For You favored them...

Nothing is done in our own strength.  God is Our Hopeful Guide.  Our new Hope Hearing Aids are beautiful and multi-colored.  When the Lord showed them to me, they were truly stunning!  The many colors represent the multitude of aspects of God. As the old antiquated hearing aids are taken off of us and the new ones are put on our ears, we can hear through the wonderful filter of “the true nature” of God.  They cause us to:

1) Hear His Heart vs Information
2) Glean new Confidence
3) Receive God’s Nurturing vs Cold facts
4) Encounter & experience God the Patriarchal Father
5) Have Hope & Love instead of fear

When we listen to His heart, He speaks hope into hopeless situations.  In fact, He is the only one who can do this!  The world is enveloped in negativity.  Some amount of Christian religion is as well.  But Jesus shifts our perspectives from hopelessness to hope through His Voice.  He speaks His good plan for all the areas of life where we feel hopeless, including our own paths.  He already believes in us, and He knows His good plans will come to pass.  In return, we develop an unshakeable Hope and trust in Him. 

And who is the Rock except our God?  -2 Samuel 22:32

Practical Application

Ask the Lord: in what ways do you miss His heart when He speaks? Do you hear information or facts, instead of experiencing Him as the Comforter or Father He wants to be?  Do you hear fear or negativity when you read the Word, instead of boldness, love, and hope?  



Prayers to adore God and behold who He is. 


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