The Hope Hearing Room

Corner 1-

Hopeful Questions

Image by Aaron Burden

In Corner 1 of the Hope Hearing Room, we learn to ask the right hopeful questions about yourself, about others, and about God and what He's doing.   The right hopeful questions lead to revelation.


Jesus often asked questions in conversations. For example, He asked His disciples, "But who do you say that I am?"  This provoked Peter to his most revelatory thought he'd ever had--that Jesus was the Christ, the Son of the Living God!  Jesus asking His friends questions was part of their discipleship, and drawing out the thoughts of their hearts.  

You are the most excellent of men, and your lips have been anointed with grace,

since God has blessed you forever.  

--Psalm 45:2

In this room you ask the Lord the right hopeful questions about yourself and your prayer life with Him.  You ask the Lord prophetic questions to hear His heart for others. You ask about the next generation, about cities and nations.  Most of us have thoughts about these things--from the Word, from authors and popular teachers, from our own experiences.  But the key to the Hope Hearing Room is to get comfortable asking God what He thinks!  Do you know that He hasn't just said it once, one way... but He wants to say it again, in all kinds of ways that apply to you, to today, to the area you live in, to what is coming next?  Our hearts posture ourselves before our Good Father to ask, ask, ask!



He answers back.  God listens to us as we talk to Him.  We aren't asking into the air, we're having a conversation with the true and living One.  We learn how to talk to Him as a friend, about anything.  Your own personal “Porch Swing” is a place of sweet communion and counsel where you share and God shares back.  You can inquire of the Lord for specific decisions and specific areas of your business, family, ministry desires.  A deeper level of friendship is developed with God and we become like Abraham – a friend to God and one He hides nothing from.

And the LORD said, “Shall I hide from Abraham what I am about to do?"  

Genesis 18:17

God's heart is hopeful.  He doesn't think like we think.  He doesn't get down or discouraged.  His view is always bigger, higher--not denying what goes on down here but lifting our eyes to be with Him in the midst of it, above the clouds.  He wants to retune us, and Hopeful Questions is one way He can.  You can’t miss His hopeful heart when you ask Him these questions and prompt Him to answer!  It changes your whole view!


Practical Application-

Because this Corner is about Hope Questions, we encourage you to click on the "Journaling Questions" tile below to try out a sample list of anointed questions to ask the Lord!!




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