The Attunement Room

Corner 4-

Attuning to the Symphony


In Corner 4 of the Attunement Room, you learn to attune to other people, what they feeling, saying, and experiencing. Similarly to the way that each instrumentalist in an orchestra realizes they need to adjust to their fellow musicians, a beautiful symphony will emerge when there is healthy flow and adjustment in our relationships with others.


I dreamed that I saw God’s Hope Reformers who would bring true and lasting transformation to the world. The Goodness of God would manifest in the land of the living, in all areas of life. The compartments of their heart, trust, joy and hope would be reopened. They would also be like in the movie: ‘August Rush’ where the young boy in August Rush declared constantly to those who were discrediting him .  .  . “I know I have the music in me” and became strong in the struggle. So will these National Reformers!

The ones that were being led in to this banquet hall, I immediately knew that they could bring the ‘Symphony of Nations’ together. And they could bring forth the true heart of God that had been lonely in different arenas of the nation and not loved well. They could bring the ‘Grand Symphony of Love’ for Him in these nations. I saw them bringing the love to certain nations first, that would be tokens and spark other nations to grow. The Lord says, “This is in essence of the New Constitution” – It is His Heart being invited into a nation!


Others are all pursuing Jesus the Conductor of this Symphony as well.  Just like the instrumentalists in an orchestra, we tune into Our Great Conductor.  We handle our instrument well and our part in the music well.  We have sensitivity in our relationship with others. We learn the “Overwhelm Concept” --to know the signs of when someone is overwhelmed, and to pick up on social cues that help to avoid overwhelming other people.  We gain new listening and compassion skills.  Jesus helps us to be better listeners and gives us His Heart of Compassion and Understanding for others.  This helps the symphony He is playing to come forth.  We each have our part and help each other in the same playing of it.

[There is more about my encounter with God regarding National Reformers in the "Teachings" menu below!]  

God showed me we are to be part of the "Body Armor" that protects what God is trying to do. We must discern who people really are in God, or we may be caught in judging those who have judged and hurt us. Judging others is the last thing that we want to do. We are to attune to God says people really are. 

Inherent in a fine-tuned relationship with others is healthy boundaries for ourselves.  We need to know when to build healthy walls.  We are in tune with ourselves and know what season we're in so we don't say Yes to the wrong things and No to the right ones.  We establish healthy boundaries.  We take care of your heart, body, mind, and spirit.  We've been in the I Love You Room and know how precious we are to God.

Then comes forth the Song of JOY that Jesus is trying to release in our communities, cities, and nation!


Practice being in the present moment for 5-10 minutes per day.

Monitor your thoughts and don't allow any thoughts about the past or future.
Focus entirely on your breathing; focus on what you see, feel, and hear, in the moment.



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