The Attunement Room

Corner 3-

Attuning to Your Season


In Corner 3 of the Attunement Room, you tune into the constant communion of God in the season you're in.  There is wisdom to knowing the season and timing of God in your life.  Going with that instead of fighting it is better.  Knowing what it is, perceiving it, as you're going through it makes everything easier.  It's not a delay, it's a blessing.  It causes you to wait on Christ and trust Him to bring forth your destiny and success instead of making it happen by self-strength.


The Lord spoke to me about The Wait Room Corner. This is a place where We wait for Him. It's attuning to waiting for His Blessing and Healing. Jesus told me like in a weight room, there is a place I go where the room doesn't change, but I am the only one who changes by the weight or Wait Room Corner. My body gets stronger by lifting the weights.

In the Wait Room Corner of attuning to myself, I have to wait and attune to my spirit, and to the timing of His Blessings. He showed me by waiting on Him and trusting Him versus Pushing for a Blessing before it's time, that I will always get what He has destined for me. And He has destined me to be attentive to His work in my heart.



Knowing your limits goes with knowing your season and your timing.  Things God has spoken over your life may not all be fulfilled in this second.  He is always pushing for fulfillment, but He knows where you are and the circumstances of life that suddenly arise.  


Instead of living in the future, you attune to the present.  New Age has deceived us into thinking this is a spooky concept.  But you are communing with Christ in everyday life!  You experience and attune to the present because God is in your moments.  He made each one.  Each one is sustained by the power of His Word.

Jesus gives you tools to practice being present and enjoying the moment. You attune and become sensitive to what God is doing in the present.  You learn how to attune to new environments, becoming more aware of is going on in the world around you. You learn to engage with others on a deeper level.  It isn't "zen"-- Jesus is simply alive and present at every moment!

He says He is the bread of life--not just the daily manna that fell from heaven, but the remarkable, nourishing sustaining bread of constant communion.  Nothing can compare to the Aroma of the Fresh Bread of Life in this Present Moment. The aroma of fresh baked bread fills your house with such an inviting aroma! There is an invitation extended to you daily, by “Christ in the Day” to be still and sit with Jesus, this very moment! He is right there with you, right here, right NOW!

Let Him fill you up in a fresh new way . . . taste and see His goodness!  I’m so hungry for His presence, there is always more in the moment, plus the added bonus of new strategies-- that's the butter on the bread!


Practice being in the present moment for 5-10 minutes per day.

Monitor your thoughts and don't allow any thoughts about the past or future.
Focus entirely on your breathing; focus on what you see, feel, and hear, in the moment.



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