The Attunement Room

Corner 2-

God Attunes to Us

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In Corner 2 of the Attunement Room, you realize that while you're trying to get in tune with God, He is actually attuning to you!  Even though He is so knowledgeable and above us, He comes right down to our level to join us in our song. 


When I first began my journey through the Attunement Room, I got very stirred up about thinking about how to get in tune with God and also apprehensive about how to attune to others appropriately.  But then I felt Him telling me that He would show me how to do this.  He would show me how He attunes to me, so that I could really do that for others.  


Jesus teaches us fundamental social/emotional skills that we may not have learned as children. In order to have healthy relationships with God, ourselves, and others, we first must experience someone attuning to us, which is what Jesus does with us in this Room. He adjusts our wavelengths and fine tunes us to play, sing and live in perfect harmony with Him.  He also comes down to our level so we don't have to jump too many all at once.

God is able to attune perfectly with us at all times; He cares so deeply for us and is attentive to our hearts.  God will always meet us where we are at – He calls and invites us to join Him on His wavelength, but He is not forceful. He waits patiently for us to decide.

He is attuned to our pains, sorrows, joys, & fears… He knows everything about us and He sees, hears, understands, and loves us beyond measure.



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