The Attunement Room

Corner 1-

Attuning to God

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In Corner 1 of the Attunement Room, you get "in tune with God" or attuned to His presence.  This opens up the pathway of hearing His Voice.  You experience deep intimacy with Jesus and become sensitive to where He is around you, what He's doing, what He's calling you to.   You don't miss Him in your day.  You gain a new awareness of Holy Spirit, learning to let Holy Spirit guide your paths.


Mary of Bethany is an example of someone attuned to God. She responded in the moment to the Holy Spirit and what He was doing when she poured the oil over Jesus. (Mark 14:3-19, John 12:1-8).  At the time, some thought this ridiculous.  They missed what God was saying and doing.  They scolded her for pouring out such an expensive jar of oil, saying it was wasteful and would have gone to better use if it was sold and the money was given to the poor.  

Jesus came to her defense and told them to leave her alone.  Mary was the only one who had attuned to the fact that Jesus would be dead soon.  She was acting prophetically, even if she didn't know it.  She saw the perfection and purpose, and her devotion to Him was worth more than the oil. And Jesus honored her sacrifice, love and devotion for Him.

Practical Application

Write down experiences when you felt “in-tune” with God.  Create space and time, even 10 minutes a day to quiet yourself, focus on His face and sense the nearness of the Jesus.  Write down what you feel.



Prayers to adore God and behold who He is. 

Dreams & Encounters

Dreams, Visions, and revelations from God that initiated the material, and enrich it. 


Wonderful enlightening stories help us internalize what God wants to teach us. 

Journaling Questions

A list of hopeful questions to aid your devotional time in this Corner.


Content designed to enrich the topic.



Scriptures and characters which illustrate the lessons.