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Joy Over Cities & Nations 

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In this Corner of the Joy Room, God tells us how much His hope for cities and nations is His Joy. 


In the Joy Room we make the Psalm 100:3-4 decision and enter His Gates with joyful praise.  It's a joy to Him to reverse the enemy's grip on people's hearts.  It's His Joy to cover the earth with glory.  It's His Joy to think about the plans in His heart and what He desires to bring forth through His people. 


Jesus has no greater joy that bringing His presence into cities and nations so they would bring forth and bear fruit in His image. 

FORT COLLINS VISION: Back in 1983, I asked the Lord what were His Heart’s Desires. The Lord spoke to me about His Desire to see His Name vindicated, as in Ezekiel 36:23.  It is God’s desire to see cities and nations come forth that would love Him well. (See also Deuteronomy 6 / Isaiah 36-39).  At the time I was sitting in a stairwell in Fort Collins, Colorado. I cried as I got a picture directly from the Heart of Jesus for cities, nations, businesses, and families that would be equipped to be “Builders of Hope."  I saw them begin to build. I saw how they would help discover a different distinctive of Hope come forth in their city.  Those who were building were Hope Reformers who adored the 12 Forgotten Faces of God.  They launched a Hope Reformation that brought a lasting transformation--a Second Reformation--that covered the earth with God's goodness and His glory (Psalm 24). It was so beautiful.  I actually heard the "Song of Wisdom & Hope" coming forth from the City Builders.  Millions of Reformers were being called to a place of Hope in every arena of life, to rebuild cities that would love Jesus well.

Since then, God has added to this vision and shown me us, as Hopeful Reformers, putting the hands of those in the city into Jesus' hands, and releasing the Joy of His Presence that transforms everything .  We take the hands of others and put them into His hands, connecting them to Him and their hearts to His heart.  We are hand-to-hand connectors.

When we open our hearts to receive what God is doing in our cities and nations with JOY, then we reject the misery picture.  Hope and Joy is an invitation.  It is not a command.  It is an offer to walk through the Door of Hope and to be with the God of the Trump Card, the God who has a winning play.


As we participate in this invitation people become what they never thought they could.  They become overcomers, a place where the Tribulation Generation is gone because we got out of the prison of our own making.  It becomes a place of Hope Eschatology, a Hopeful view of the Reformation coming.  A place where we celebrate, even ahead of the miracles.  Where we are celebrating in the Reformers Place with Jesus, seeing above the clouds, seeing with His Eyes, repositioning things.  And He is adored.  He receives all the glory.  He is seen as worthy, good, in charge, confident, and all the things He is.  

Joy is an important aspect of this Hope-filled Reformation.  It is the overflow.  And a choice.  And the Hope tool of the future.  


Practical Application:

Ask Him questions about His joy over cities and nations, and what role He is asking you to play in bringing forth joy. 



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