Love & Forgiveness Room- Corner 4 

Pushing into Appreciation & Blessing

Image by Lauren Richmond

In the last corner of the Love and Forgiveness Room, God pushes us to believe in complete reconciliation and that Love Hopes All Things.

Jesus calls us to a Supernatural Level of Love and Forgiveness that requires us to surrender to His Grace.
Love that hopes all things is what Jesus has for us. He never puts us in the “Disappointment Room” or “Disgust Room."  He has the ability to work hope & beauty into all things and all people, whether we see it in our lifetime or not.  It's an eternal perspective.



Jesus also sees in the Spirit.  He knows that some of whom we have pushed against are meant to be Marvelous Comrades, who run with us in His race.  We wants Crazy Reconciliation for us where we are just bold enough to believe that He has more for us in these relationships.


Not that we will be paired with those who hurt us or disbelieve in us.  But the questions is, what kind of life will we choose?  Will we back off from things because people have hurt us--even if we have forgiven them, are we crazy enough to choose to live a life of Bold Hope?  Of an extraordinary Life by hoping in all things? Or will you choose to live mediocre life by giving up hope in all things?

In this corner, Jesus told me: I am going to teach you about a Love that hopes in all things, a Love that brings a supernatural surrender. You will learn to love well, even  when you are not loved well in return.  Yet you will be surprised by how your love changes others and brings marvelous comradery where it once was not!”  This is the life He lived.  He saw it all the time, and still does with us.

You can't control other people, but you can choose how you let it affect you. You are much stronger than you know, and Jesus will give you the tools of Adoration Prayer that will allow you to maintain this perspective no matter what is going around you. Remember this is not a quick fix solution and it will take time and perseverance for the full fruits to come forth in your life.

There will still be challenging days where it will be very difficult to not slip back into old thought patterns and allow the pains of the past to overtake you again. This is the struggle that every human being on the earth must deal with, the battle of the everyday circumstances and practical affairs of life. Challenges are real and will happen, but with God’s help, you will learn to be very intentional about what thoughts and emotions that you give yourself to. This is the kind of love God is calling you to live out in your life. It is a Love that Hopes all things and is not easily shaken.


When Daniel was in the lion's den, he had three other marvelous comrades around him who were willing to go to the death with him.  Be a marvelous comrade yourself, for another! There is a goal of all the love and forgiveness you've been giving! You are now free to push deeply into love and appreciation, turning enemies into friends and relational pain into relational triumph!



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