Love + Forgiveness Room

Corner 2-

Forgiving Others


Jesus teaches us the value of appreciation and forgiveness. He doesn't ask us to deny our pain, and He waits with us until we are ready.

Jesus tells us why it is easy for Him to appreciate people. They are made in His image and His beauty.
Jesus gives us His Eyesight for people and releases freedom over us.

Jesus led me to the second corner of the Love and Forgiveness Room where He said, “You can spend a lifetime trying to resolve trauma or you can begin to appreciate people and receive My Eyesight for them.  It may not feel possible at this moment, but I promise that as you appreciate them, I will open up your heart towards them and give you access to a loving perspective of them from My perspective.”

As He said this I felt many emotions: sadness, anger, confusion. It is hard to find the words that described these emotions, and to capture the right one.  I was feeling betrayed and unloved. How could Jesus ask me to do this to someone who has hurt me so much? Did Jesus even care about what they did to me?

He could tell, so He said, “Appreciation is the best way to forgive your enemies, and I would know from my own experience. I had the perspective of the Father, and it enabled me to forgive them. It is easy to appreciate people when you realize they were made in my image."


So I asked Him, “Jesus, Why is it so easy for you to appreciate people?”

He said, “It's easy because I have a Heart of Love. I understand they are broken-hearted people who have simply lost their way. I am not afraid of their pain, nor do I amplify it. I give them Grace and Mercy because I see their true essence. Each person is beautifully and uniquely handcrafted in My Image. I will never give up on them, just like I will never give up on you. I want you to lean on Me through this process and trust Me with what feels like an impossible task.”

Then He took my hand and brought me in front of the very ones who I felt would be impossible to appreciate. He took me through the journey of their lives. He said: “You need to understand that people love you the best way they know how. Each person their own set of pains and challenges, just like you. Rather than being angry at people who hurt you, choose to have compassion because compassion destroys the plans of the enemy. Anger and resentment are of no benefit to you.  Though they often feel more powerful than forgiveness, that is not the truth.”

Jesus pulled me close and said, “But remember, I have a Heart of Love and I will be always patient in the process. I don’t put false expectations on anyone, and I am not asking you to deny or suppress your pain. Forgiveness is your highest benefit, whether you understand it or not. But I will never force anything on you. I am in this for the long haul and if you lean on me, I will abundantly pour My Grace, Strength and Mercy upon your heart. Then you will know from experience just how liberating and empowering forgiveness is.”

As I leaned into His arms, my thought patterns began to change.  The intense emotions that had overpowered me in the past were lifted. Delight filled my heart and I couldn’t even remember the previous pains or abuse. I never wanted to leave this place where Jesus was holding me and making it so easy to see people the way He does.  It made everything so easy.

Jesus said after awhile, “The person who has the most control over your health and healing is you. Do not let your thoughts go to a place of negativity. Fill your internal thoughts with appreciation and be fed daily with the Life of My Word. Appreciation is so important. You will miss the beauty of life and the beauty of others when you do not take the time to stop & appreciate. The benefits of Appreciation are that you live healthier, happier, plus you live longer.”


Later I found out that those who live in the thanksgiving zone, and value others including themselves are 60% happier, more content, 40% more healthy, and they live 30% longer!

Throughout Scripture, we see how much gratitude benefits us and how much ingratitude or unappreciation benefits the enemy.  The ground opened up and killed the people who were complaining in Numbers 11.  When the 10 lepers were healed, only 1 leper went back to thank Jesus, and He was blessed.  Appreciation blesses the heart of God!

Lastly, Jesus put me on a swing and I saw heavy dark balloons appear over different people's heads. Jesus handed me a bunch of darts and told me to throw them at the balloons. As the balloons popped, the dark cloud was dispelled and light, joy, and freedom was released over them and over me.  Appreciation pops the dark clouds over people!



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