The Wisdom Room- Corner 4-

Wisdom to Lead Your Own Soul Well

Image by Patrick Fore

In the very last corner of the Yellow House, you will encounter God and He will give you the wisdom to lead your own soul well:

  • Spending time with God

  • Spending time in the ILY Room

  • Knowing Your Original Design, Walking in It

  • Having Marvelous Comrades

  • Armed with Hope Hearing and Aids and Eyeglasses

  • Making a Good Blueprint

God gives us blueprints for our lives when we take the time to listen and hear Him. He has good plans for us and He reveals His plans at the perfect time.

Learn to walk in step with the Holy Spirit. Allow Him to guide your life, leading you to walk down the path that He has chosen for you, even when you could have gone down a path of destruction. Seek the Cubby Hole.  Trust the Blueprint- don't orient it around your foxes, fissures



Prayers to adore God and behold who He is. 

Journaling Questions

A list of hopeful questions to aid your devotional time in this Corner.