The Wisdom Room- Corner 3-

Wisdom from Others

Together at the Top

We're together at the top!


As you leave Corner 2, you learned to listen, ask questions, and not be reactive.  You have an appreciation for other people which goes beyond tolerance but welcomes their input if they have shown themselves to love you.  In this Corner of the Wisdom Room, you invite that godly counsel from others into your life.  We come into the third way that Wisdom rules our lives, through Marvelous Comrades who are walking with us to love Jesus well.

God’s Loving & Royal Plans come forth
This is a Place where:
You moved into a place where you are firmly settled established and in Hope.
You receive God’s Blueprint for your life and for cities and nations.
You see His Ways and study why does God have these things or people come into our lives during certain times and seasons.
(Proverbs 9) “Wisdom mingles its wine”
(Acts 2:42) “Life where wisdom mingled as one and becomes ten thousand”
In the Wisdom Room, you gather with those who have the same perspective in hope and then you are able to go to “Shiloh’s” and hear God’s Redemptive Plan for all the earth.
God’s Noble Plans come forth
This is Place where:
The God of Wonder and the Greatest Show on earth and the Plans of God come forth.
The plans of God cannot be thwarted in this place of Shiloh, because you are secure and certain and curveballs don’t throw you off
(Jeremiah 29:11) “Reality – Plans of Welfare of Hope”
Jeremiah received this reality in Jeremiah 31, but then in chapter 32, the city is going to go into captivity, but Jeremiah says “once again fertile fields will come forth from this” because he had already seen the plan… then it happens in Jeremiah 32:10 where the city becomes God’s Joy!
(Isaiah 32:8) “Noble men make noble plans and by noble plans they stand”
God’s Master Plan comes forth
God’s Masterful Blueprints and Plans are rolled out for a city, a nation, or an individual God’s Blueprints that wow people! It such a blueprint of Hope and Wonder that you just marvel at it and can’t believe it could be that good!





Prayers to adore God and behold who He is. 


Wonderful enlightening stories help us internalize what God wants to teach us. 

Yellow House | 9- The Hope Room