The Wisdom Room - Corner 2- 

Wisdom from Listening and Asking


You belong before we believe 
We need to experience loyal love because that establishes the foundation to be able to believe together. (Otherwise it will be hard for you to believe that people appreciate you and what you are about.)
A place where the sweetest of friendships could be experienced
A place where we see one another and discern original design in others and ourselves.
A place where you have Marvelous Comrades who cause you to belong and then you believe.
(1 Samuel 18) – David couldn’t even dream about being King because Jonathan was a big King, but then Jonathan made David belong in royalty and gave up his own throne for David
Sweet Communion and Counsel
Solomon’s Porch is a place where you enjoy friendships of beauty, joy, hope, depth and substance where wisdom comes forth.
This is a place to become wise in relationship and learn how to build healthy relationships.   You build relationships on a higher different level of friendship that causes you to feel protected and secured. This level is rarely given on earth but it is given to you on Solomon’s Porch.
On Solomon’s porch there is a Porch Swing where you share with others deep communion and counsel. Sometimes, it is just you and God on the porch and you learn how to have that level of relationship with God alone.
(Genesis 18:17) – The reality where we walk with God as a friend and He hides nothing from us. – “And the Lord said, “Shall I hide from Abraham what I am doing”
You know God as the “Relational God” vs. the “Revelatory God”.
Seeing the Relational aspect of God is so very important because we so often skip the Solomon’s Porch of Relationship in order to receive revelation from God; but if we skip relationships, our revelation of God will be incomplete.
(Exodus 33:15) (Moses) – “Then he said to Him, “If Your Presence does not go with us, do not bring us up from here”.
(Malachi 1)  “You despise the offering of the Lord” because they would run past the table of sweet communion because all they wanted was to get the answer or the gift, but they missed the greatest thing: relationship. The Lord said they defiled the offering and He was very upset with him. They missed the sweet communion by rushing through.

Wisdom is birthed out of hoping in people and hoping in God.Wisdom puts the “Golden Key of Appreciation” into your hand to unlock the Hidden Treasure inside of every person that God created.
Wisdom awakens you to the reality of how incredibly valuable you are!
Wisdom opens your “Eyes to See”.
Wisdom causes you to look at every single person through God's Eyes of Love & Appreciation.
Wisdom causes you to see how incredibly valuable people are.
Wisdom makes you realize that Jesus paid the ultimate price for people.
Wisdom makes you truly treasure others for who God created them to be.

The number one aspect of Wisdom is asking the right questions of Hope and Love. A wise man seeks to understand & asking the right questions opens up understanding.
Jesus used questions to draw out depth and essence of a person; the questions helped people to gain understanding and wisdom.



Prayers to adore God and behold who He is. 

Journaling Questions

A list of hopeful questions to aid your devotional time in this Corner.

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