The Wisdom Room - Corner 1-

Wisdom from Above

The Wisdom of God sees a long way out and sees above the clouds.  The Word of God says that wisdom is to be desired above all else and that it is high and lifted up.  This means we need to get above the clouds and have the right perspective in order for wisdom to come forth.

The wrong perspective dampens wisdom.  For a long time, Bible-believing Christians followed a man naed Darby who wrote about dispensationalism-- a God with different ways, different operating plans which would eventually all fail, ending with the Rapture.  Darby was wrong.  Matthew 24 has been interpreted wrongly.  We've all been taught to want to escape this earth while wisdom is doing life right here with God on the earth, and building with His gifts, His intelligence.  


When God birthed this view, He filled them with tongues and the presence of God in the Upper Room.  Flames of fire came to rest on them all, and they all heard the gospel in their own languages.  They were filled with His gifts and His intelligence to reach their own civilizations.  The Great Commission was on the move, and it was a glorious thing!  Not a "hope it all ends soon so the Rapture can begin" thing.

Twenty-one centuries  later, God is giving us a glimpse of the Second Upper Room.  It is an encounter with Him, the God of All of Life, where the healed and expanded view takes over.  You experience the biggest change of life because you come out from under the clouds and behold God's Face of Hopeful Wisdom!  When you see His Eyes of Hope, you are empowered to look at every situation in Life and realize that God is Bigger and that He is always doing something wonderful!



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