The Courage Room- Corner 4-

The Courage to Hope BIG!


The Courage to Take New Territory

It takes Courage to take New Territory; to go where God is sending you, places where you have never gone before. Ruth and Abraham both went into new and foreign lands where they knew no one. That took great courage. But if they had not gone into these new lands then the lineage of Christ would not have come forth from the only child of Ruth and Boaz. For Abraham, he went into a new land and he ended up having more sons and daughters than the sand on the sea. All the Jews and Arabs were birthed from Abraham.

Don't Fear the End of the Manna!

The Children of Israel – Joshua 5:12- For 40 years they had provision from heaven through the manna that fell. It was like having a steady job with the government for 40 years and you were provided for, but then they told you that they aren’t going to give you a pension, or suddenly you are fired from your job, lose an inheritance, an investment goes bad, or any other number of things that have been very relevant issues in our economy. 

This feeling of not knowing where your next meal is going to come from or how you are going to have the money to provide for yourself or your family. This was what was happening with the children of Israel when the manna stopped falling from heaven. God had promised them that he was going to take care of them and then suddenly they are sitting on the edge of the promise land and nothing comes down from heaven. The wives and children are sitting there terrified because they have stored nothing up, but the Lord says to them that they must go into the land and make the land produce. 

Most issues in the Body of Christ are associated with Courage. This is a constant theme in Haggai and Isaiah 56, they made decisions out of fear and lack of courage and it caused them to go backwards right when they were right there standing before the door of supernatural miracles and provision. These children of Israel were the ones who had the courage to go into the promised land and work to have the land produce and provide for them in even greater ways, even when the manna stopped falling.

Courage is Contagious!

When everything was destroyed in Israel, Deborah had the courage come and she took over. She called out every tribe and she went through each one and told them where they had their issues. Only a few of the tribes had courage. She called them to rise up and they definitely did because they saw her Courage. Courage is infectious.



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