The Courage Room- 

Corner 3-

The Courage to Be You

In Corner #3 you receive the courage to love and Be You, even the ones who don't understand you or who challenge and fight you. When you have the love and confidence in God, and who He is in you,  you will not be shaken by any rejection or misunderstanding.  The strength of the Lord is our source of our courage.

Mary, mother of Jesus.  Do you have the Courage to speak your truth & bring forth the Seed of Truth that God has impregnated you with? It takes Courage to be like Mary & say “Be it onto me, according to Your Word” (Luke 1:38). Mary had a courageous heart to carry Christ. She risked judgment & the potential rejection of marriage because of her pregnancy.  People must have thought she had cheated, lied, perhaps committed adultery.  We do not get the sense that she fought these accusations but simply trusted in God the same way she did when the angel came to her.  She "treasured all these things in her heart" so she hoped in God beyond the scorn of men.

Jesus. It takes Courage to Speak Your Truth in Love.  Jesus spoke the truth about who He was. He didn't care if he was ridiculed. He knew the truth about Himself and spoke it out with Courage and He changed the world.  Have the Courage to Speak the Truth about yourself to yourself. Ask Jesus: “How do You see me and who am I in Your eyes?” Declare that Truth over yourself with boldness & great confidence!

Courage will cause you to re-engage into relationships again that have been very painful to you.
Courage causes you to realize that relationships never come with a guarantee, but you love people anyhow.  Both Jesus and His mother Mary had to re-engage relationships where people had judged them inaccurately.  Mary had to go on living her life with her neighbors, even though those in Galilee still did not know who Jesus was and so did not understand the Amazing thing she'd done.  Jesus loved His apostles to the end. He bowed down and washed their feet at the Last Supper even though He knew they were going to betray Him.  He bravely included Judas even while He knew what he had done and it broke His heart.  Jesus made the choice to love them all until the end.  He said, “I will never leave you or forsake you.”

Standing Tall

In the Courage Room, God will give you the Courage to stand up tall in the place that you were brought up in. You can’t feed your history and your destiny at the same time. So, you must give your history to God. Courage is having no anger in you and being pleased with who you are. The greatest gift of inheritance that you could ever have is that there would be no anger found in you. In Psalms 16, David sees human-beings as majestic ones. However later he complains about them. He then makes a great decision and says: “Wow my lines have fallen for me in pleasant places.” referring to the people he loved and he knew. (Ps 16:6) In Psalms 73; The people are not necessarily responding with their best to God. They are mean to Him, they ignore Him, and they even go after false gods. Here is God’s response to them: He draws them into the wilderness and speaks kindly to them. God: “I held them by the hand. I comfort and counsel them. I guide them into Glory.” All of a sudden the people have a change of heart and are on God’s side! It’s like Pharaoh when he hated and wanted to cream Moses. In the end Pharaoh winds up saying to Moses: “Take all the goods, all the spoil, leave; but before you go, bless me!” WOW!  from “I hate you” to “I see God is on you. I respect, appreciate and need you! Please bless me!” (Ex. 12:32)

In the Courage Room God gives you the ability to acknowledge what you have did wrong. Courage is to deal with your pain, and be able to endure hardship well. Courage doesn't desire any ill will towards anybody, but realizes agony and pain are part of your birth right. Courage gives you the ability to learn in spite of that pain and become who God has called you to be.

Courage is becoming you. The greatest question God is going to ask us before we get to the throne is not;
Did you love??
But it is  .  .  .  .
Did You become You??
It takes Courage to be all that you can be!
Courage is accepting you for you.
Courage is to remain relational.
When you act like yourself, you return to joy.
You endure hardship well.
Courage faces that you are a human being.
It takes Courage to admit your mistakes.
Courage is to tell people you need them.
Courage is when you realize all that you are.
You might as well convince yourself that you have a wonderful design and take responsibility for it day & night.
Courage is asking, “How am I bigger? How am I better?”
You are all you have, so quit trying to be someone else. Just accept it. Courage is when you become you.



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