The Courage Room- Corner 2-

The Courage to Speak the Truth


Being Courageous to Call Forth Hope

There's a “Silver Lining” in the storm clouds of life. Some of them are Bible characters like Barnabas and Ruth. Others were real people from history like Winston Churchill and Norman Vincent Peale. Some are people unknown to the world, but extremely hopeful people, who Bob has known in life. Others are fictional characters like Pollyanna, even though Bob did not realize that her legs became crippled in the story. 

The Lord Jesus then said to Bob, “If you added together all the hope in the lives of these people, it would only represent one percent of the hope that I have in My Heart for the cities and nations of the earth and also for the challenging situations of your life. I have also called you to become more hopeful than all these people put together. It is a new season when there will be grace for the ‘double portion' of hope. And even beyond this, it will be a season of 10x multiplication. There will be unprecedented manifestations of righteousness, peace and joy attended by endless celebrations. Hopes and promises that have been deferred and assaulted by a spirit of negation will be restored.”



Prayers to adore God and behold who He is. 


Wonderful enlightening stories help us internalize what God wants to teach us. 

Dreams & Encounters

Dreams, Visions, and revelations from God that initiated the material, and enrich it.