The Trust Room- Corner 4-

Trusting Yourself & Others

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In Corner 3 of the Trust Room, Jesus said to me, “Trusting Me keeps you from defining yourself by your struggles.”

We are all aware of our limitations and these minister doubt to our hearts. But God is our Great Defender.  He is always with us.  He shows us how He is bigger than our fears and bigger than any demons we face.  We learn to trust Him with our lives, challenges and fears.  We learn to choose to live in Love with Him versus living in fear.

One time when I was looking into Jesus' eyes, He said, “It was a joy to die for you, my Bobby. You have the biggest heart I have ever made.”  It felt like He was bragging about me in front of the angels and most of heaven.  Let God do this for you!  Jesus then told them that He was going to sing the Trust Song about who I am in Him and gave me a poem He called the Trust Poem:

“See how trust grows in the sweet alone,
without picking up the telephone.
It is the trust in you and in Myself 
that turns My life into a life care.
Trust in Myself turns life into joy from fear;
turns life into kisses from tears.”

I had been through some life-altering struggles and Jesus said, "Don’t be around religious people, be around people who think you are ten feet tall on your worst day.”  We need Marvelous Comrades.  We need other people to walk alongside us and hold us up when it's hard to stand. Having the right people around us, loyal ones we can trust to know us, is important to building with God.  We must learn to not get disappointed in others.  We must have the right boundaries and healthy relationships so that we focus on those whom God has given us to run with, and we return the favor to those God has appointed us to.


Dreams & Encounters

Dreams, Visions, and revelations from God that initiated the material, and enrich it. 

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