The Trust Room- Corner 2-

Trusting God's Ability


God is able to supply us with everything we need.  He is strong, powerful, and with us.  There isn't anything He can't do. 


In this corner we magnify Him as Supplier, the One whom we Trust.  One of the strongest things God said to me in this corner was “The number one thing the enemy attacks is trust. There is a disease worse than cancer and an addiction worse than heroin, and and it is doubt. Doubt is addicting, and it will cause you to deteriorate on the inside.”

We need to assure our hearts that God provides for all our needs. Sometimes this is the most difficult area of life to trust God with. We trust God as our Provider in every way; with our finances, our health, a roof over our head, all our emotional needs, etc.  He is able to meet them all, at the same time, with joy--no doubt required.  We are pressing in for the fullness of what the Lord wants to pour out in this season by the equipping of His body to reach cities and nations. 

We are continuing to dive deep into the knowledge of our great God, Who is our Redeemer, Supplier, Builder, and Wise God in the midst of every area in our everyday life. As we continue in the Trust Room, in our prayer times, we celebrate and magnify God as our Supplier, giving thanks for all the ways we have seen Him supply for us.

Then we thank Him.  A lifestyle of Thanksgiving is Powerful!  It is life and death. A lifestyle of remembering God’s goodness disables the enemy to pound on anything of what we perceive to lack.  Thanksgiving positions our hearts to be lit up with the light and goodness of Lord.


For although they knew God, they neither glorified him as God nor gave thanks to him,

but their thinking became futile and their foolish hearts were darkened.

(Romans 1:21).  


Living a lifestyle of thanksgiving and remembrance” is simply taking the time to stop and give thanks to God our Provider. It witnesses to our own hearts that God is Good to us and He is Able to give us what we need.  If we do not continually minister this to our own hearts, a gap is created; one of the greatest sins is not cultivating a "thankful spiritual memory." 

Practical Application

Take time to recount all of the blessings of supply the Lord has provided for you and yours this year.
He is so good to His children, we are continually amazed at how He comes through over and over again!
Have you seen a miracle of supply this year? ​Take time in your family, business or ministry setting, to magnify the Lord for supplying all your needs in all of your everyday life.



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