The Trust Room- Corner 1-

Trusting God's Goodness


The 3 Main Points of the Trust Room are- God is Good, God is Able, and God is Near.  When these are in place, we become unshakable.  

The Lord has said He is our Rock.  He is our God in Whom we trust.  But do we?  We have heard with our Hope ears the many things in His heart.  We have seen with our Hope Eyeglasses that adoring His face is what causes us to become Pillars of Hope in our communities.  But we still need to trust Him to bring all this forth.  We have to trust on a personal level and on a corporate one.

When we trust, dreams start to break forth.  The other name for the Trust Room is the Dream Room because a dream is a precious thing to loan the Lord.  You trust it is from Him and that He is able to make it happen--and that He is able to make that happen through you.  He is Good, Able, and Near.

In this Corner we learn the stunning truth that Trust isn't laying things on the altar, it is putting them into the hands of our most competent, powerful, and trustworthy God.  He is good and shepherds us, guides us well.  He has treasure boxes of trust that He wants to open with us, where our dreams have been entrusted to Him.  Since He is the shepherd of our souls, He knows which of our treasures to open and in what order.  It is His joy to give us good gifts, including the great dreams He has put in our hearts to ask for!

Practical Application
Give thanks to Him for His many unique giftings and callings.  Ask the Lord to reveal the dreams that He has for you & others, this week, and for the upcoming year!



Prayers to adore God and behold who He is. 


Content designed to enrich the topic.

Dreams & Encounters

Dreams, Visions, and revelations from God that initiated the material, and enrich it. 

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